Heather Kuhrt, 33, of caught with heroin on Rattigan Street.

Heather Kuhrt, 33, of Butler was caught with heroin and needles after police were called for a report of a woman passed out on East Walnut Street near Rattigan Street.

Police said when they found Kuhrt, she was conscious but appeared to be impaired.

When she realized the police were there, she became “irate and began yelling obscenities.”

She was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the police station.

A search of her purse turned up two stamp bags and one empty bag of suspected heroin, documents said, as well as two drug-smoking pipes, two used syringes and a melt spoon with what appeared to be drug residue.

Kuhrt is charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and public drunkenness.




  1. So why isn’t Heather in jail? She has to be on probation,and has had more charges than a lot of other people in there,but she never ever has done more than 4-6 months !! She always seems to get out with some type of program like Re-entry,and gets sent to rehab! Butler county has spent millions on her,not only through jail and rehab but she has 5 kids to 5 different men and doesn’t have custody of a single one of them! So the county pays whoever has them a nice little hunk of cash every month as well!! Like fuck when is enough enough? Why do mother fucking pot smokers get sent up state but people like her who repeatedly break the law,get new charges and violate probation,get a slap on the wrist???


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