Fallen Officer Brian Shaw laid to rest

Police officers from around the country gathered in Westmoreland County Wednesday morning to pay their respects as fallen Officer Brian Shaw was laid to rest.

Thousands of officers, first responders, military and members of the community lined the streets in New Kensington as Officer Shaw’s casket was led out of the funeral home, to the church and then to the cemetery. Officers traveled from as far away as Virginia and Colorado to pay their respects.

Officer Shaw, a rookie police office for the New Kensington Police Department, lost his life in the line of duty on Friday.

The man accused of shooting and killing him was arrested Tuesday after a four-day manhunt. 29-year-old Rahmael Sal Holt ran after being pulled over by Officer Shaw, and then opened fire.




  1. Drug prohibition kills. Not saying alcohol does not but it is not as bad as it was back when it was illegal. This officer died because drugs are illegal, face the facts.


    • A lot of postings about drugs killing, but I have not read one that says anything about alcohol doing the same. WHATS the matter JOHN? You can not find any facts to back your statement so you start calling me names because I don’t agree with you. YOU see that is a sign of a person with limited knowledge who just wants to ramble on.


    • RAMBLING JOHN, THE following post is in this arrangement of news blogs by BUTLER CITIZEN. QUOTE; “Coroner tells Penn Live that there are 74 confirmed overdose deaths this year,hundreds saved by Narcan.” I even did the research for you knowing how limited your abilities are.


    • KEEP in mind that before prohibition, alcohol was legal. SOME of the church figured prohibition would change the hart of people, but only GOD can do that. WITH millions already indulging in booze, prohibition was going to fail. I don’t feel the govt. has the right to dictate what the populace is allowed to indulge in for a vice as long as that choice is not taking innocent people with it. SENSE I DON’T drink or do drugs, I don’t really care if more people die from booze than drugs as long as I am not paying for it or it is in someway endangering the lives of my family.
      I suppose there should be some limitations for the benefit of younger people being allowed to grow up free of this stuff and then make their own decisions.
      WHEN I was 17, I was serving my country and allowed to put my life on the line for that purpose, At at the same time, I was not allowed to have a drink while on leave. THE idea of this never made sense to me, but that was the law and I had to obey it or face the consequence.


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