Police to be out in “full force” tonight to generate funds

State police will have an increased number of officers on patrol beginning Wednesday.

Troopers from the Butler barracks will be looking for impaired drivers, speeders and those will safety equipment violations through Sunday. So if you have a taillight out you are screwed, that is going to cost you a good hundred bucks.

Officers say they will practice a proactive, zero-tolerance approach to help reduce the number of crashes and injuries. But the facts show that this is nothing more than a way for local and state police forces to generate funds.




  1. DRIVING on the roads is a privilege and not a right. EVERYONE’s safety is at issue. IF people are obeying the laws of the road, they do not have to worry about the cops.


  2. I respect what Police officers do, and appreciate the risk they take every time they put on that uniform. My husband had just worked a 17 hour shift with an 8 hour break then another 12 hour shift. On his way home, he was pulled over by a PSP officer. The officer claimed he was swerving, and flashed a bright light in his eyes. Then he asked how much he had to drink that night. My husband being the nice guy he is advised that he had just gotten off of work. The officer questioned what type of job he worked where you get off at midnight. Clearly he was looking for something, and started weighing on my husband’s patience at this point. He had him step out of the car to do a field sobriety test, which he passed minus the neck movements as he had a c1/c2 fusion years back. Finally my husband asked if he could just do a breathalyzer so he could go home and get some sleep. The officer finally let him go. When he posted about his experience on FB, a few friends that are officers took offense when I said it’s one of the biggest nights for revenue. They argued that the bonus wasn’t all that great for Thanksgiving eve. I know how revenue is generated and filtered to multiple funds. Lets be honest, it’s a big night for money. Yes if you obey the laws, you should be fine, but sometimes you get that one officer who really reaches for whatever he or she can get.


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