Madelene McConnell, 21,charged with stealing a winter jacket for the hell of it-ends up charged

Madelene  McConnell, 21, of Slippery Rock was charged in last month’s theft of a Slippery Rock University student’s winter jacket from the woman’s locker room at SRU.

The jacket, valued at $200 was taken during the evening of Oct. 31. Security camera footage did not capture the alleged crime.  McConnell is seen on the surveillance video entering the locker room with a large gym bag.

The bag, which was strapped over her shoulder, appeared “almost empty” police said. But when she later leaves the locker room, the bag appeared “stuffed full.”

Police went to McConnell’s home and when she opened the door, an officer noticed the stolen jacket draped over a chair inside the doorway.

The officer asked her why she stole the property, and she replied, “I don’t know, the jacket does not even fit me.”

She is charged with misdemeanor counts of theft and receiving stolen property.




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