Man takes police on a very slow chase using a Massey Ferguson farm tractor

State police Saturday afternoon tried to stop a  getaway vehicle but not before they say the suspect led troopers on a wild ride through a rye field in Summit Township and police claim  nearly hit multiple cruisers on a walking pace chase. All of this with his 9 year old daughter along for the ride.

Jon Shuler’s would-be escape ended when the bright red tractor sunk into the field.

Shuler, 30, of Summit Township, who is facing a list of charges and is being held in the Butler County Prison on $75,000 bail.

Police began looking for the defendant about 4 p.m. when they got a call that he was driving a tractor on Beck Road. The caller knew Shuler was wanted on a warrant,police confirmed the warrant and went to track him down.

Troopers found the tractor making its way east on Beck Road near Rimp Road, where Shuler lives. They pulled up next to it and identified the defendant, who was in the cab with his 9 year old  daughter.

The officers gestured for Shuler to pull over but he continued down the road with multiple police cars, emergency lights on, in a slow pursuit. Then going on to position the tractor in the center of the road so no one could pass.

When that did not work he turned onto  Kaiser Road taking the chase off road and into a planted field of winter rye.

The tractor ultimately got stuck in the field and police arrested Shuler. No injuries were reported but police accused him of causing about $500 in damage to the rye plants.

District Judge Lewis Stoughton arraigned Shuler on felony charges of agricultural crop destruction and fleeing or attempting to elude police, and misdemeanor charges of child endangerment, agricultural vandalism and resisting arrest.

He also is charged with several summary offenses including trespass, driving with a suspended license, careless driving and reckless driving.

Along with his bail in the case, Shuler remains behind bars on the bench warrant that was issued Oct. 27 after he failed to appear for drug treatment court in connection with a trespass conviction in August.




  1. Surprised to hear he’s out. Career thief and people say he doesn’t care who he steals from.
    Sad there’s a child involved. True it’s a good thing his daughter wasn’t hurt, physically. Because mentally she was, it’s not fair what some of these children have to go through.


  2. Pretty sad the only real construction in Butler over the last several years was a prison that is too small to hold everyone and a hotel that will turn out being a whore house.


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