New Law In Pennsylvania Pushes Renewable Energy

With Elizabethtown College’s large solar array as a backdrop, Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday called new state legislation designed to boost renewable solar energy a “game-changer.”

Last week, Wolf signed into law changes to the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, which since 2005 have required an increasing percentage of electricity used in Pennsylvania to be produced from alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, biofuels and methane captured from landfills.

By 2021, some 18 percent of all electricity will have to come from alternative energy sources. At least one-half a percent must be from solar. Currently, 13 percent of electricity in the state is from renewable sources.

Currently, 26 percent of the solar renewable energy used in Pennsylvania is generated from outside the state’s borders.

That has resulted in a glut of solar power from out of state being offered for sale through credits. The new legislation still allows solar energy to be purchased from out of state but it cannot earn credits.

The hope is that the new in-state credit restriction will pump up the monetary value of credits for Pennsylvania-produced solar and, in turn, increase the incentive to build more solar projects and equipment in the state.

The governor and officials were dwarfed by Elizabethtown College’s rows of solar panels — largest solar array on any school campus in Pennsylvania.

Completed in 2016, the $6 million solar project produces 2.6 megawatts of electricity, enough to supply more than 20 percent of the college’s electrical needs.

Credit Mercer Star News




  1. so the cost to pruduce 20% of the power is 6 million. what is the return on that ? How damn dumb can people be and to have this shoved down our throat stand up and vote. If you want this than get it but don’t force me.


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