Police charge felon with having possessing a stolen gun

Marterius Brown, 27, of New Castle was caught with a stolen handgun after police say they found him last week lurking around a woman’s apartment on Collingwood Court.

Brown, 27, of New Castle faces a preliminary hearing next month in connection with the case. He is being held in the Butler County Prison on $25,000 bail.

Police found the defendant Nov. 20 after a woman called 911 about 5 a.m. to report seeing two men looking at her through her bedroom window, the woman said the men than ran away when she got on the phone.

Almost immediately after getting there, officers spotted man come out from among a number of large pine trees along Rochester Road and behind the woman’s apartment building.

The man identified himself and claimed that he and his brother — the defendant — had run out of gas, when Police asked him why he was in Cranberry the defendant revoked his right not to answer the police, and the police felt this was suspicious.

A short time later, the other defendant appeared walking on Rochester Road in back of the same apartment building.

He was carrying a red, plastic 5-gallon gas can.

Police detained him and  patted down Brown “for the safety of everyone on scene,” documents said. Even though there was no probable cause to do so. During the search, the officer found a snub-nose .32-caliber revolver in his right jacket pocket. The officer arrested the defendant on the spot and took him to the station, the defendant claimed the gun belonged to his sister.

Both men were taken to the police station.(because a gas can and gas can be dangerous right?)

A check of the National Crime Information Center database showed the revolver had been reported stolen out of Mahoning Township in Lawrence County.

Although this was a great arrest and thankfully the officer got a stolen gun off of the streets, the problem lies in the fact that even a public defender will get the majority of these charges dismissed for illegal search and seizure. This is the norm as of late in Cranberry.

Marterius Brown-Mugshot


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