Butler bus driver removed after investigation

The Butler School District has removed a Valley Lines bus driver this week after an internal investigation.

On Tuesday night, according to a statement Wednesday made by the district, “a concern regarding Middle School transportation was reported” to the district.

The district launched an investigation, which revealed that a bus driver acted in a manner that was “not in accordance with the standards held by the Butler Area School District,” according to the statement.

As a result, the district requested that Valley Lines remove the driver from all Butler bus routes.

Valley Lines have been hit with right to know requests for the video of this incident, including Butler News filing a right to know, at this time none of the requests for the video have been answered. Basically the bus line is stalling for time until the public forgets about the incident.

This driver is known to tell kids off, flick them off, swear at young kids, and in this incident the driver slammed on the brakes so hard children went flying out of Bus seats into the hallway of the bus.

The bus company will not release the drivers name, they say this is “protected information”-great way to cover your asses is what this is!

Sources tell Butler News that there has been incidents with this driver reported in the past and the bus line did nothing about it.





  1. I hope it’s the one I called about who repetedly screamed at the kids to shut up and that she was going to punch them in the head if they didn’t get quiet, told a child she was going to bloody his lip. If its the same one I called back in September about this driver.


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