Joe Gibson overdoses at Vans sporting goods

The call came in yesterday evening to Butler County 911 that a man was slumped over the wheel of his car at Vans Sporting goods on E Jefferson Street.

The Police were dispatched, upon arrival Police found Joe Gibson behind the wheels of his car dead.

CPR was started by residents before the Police arrived but residents tell Butler News “it was clear Gibson was dead”

When police arrived Butler Ambulance was called, he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police tell Butler News it was an overdose.




  1. He died was because I stole all of the narcan to give to miss Elizabeth brother I used it as collateral to get sexual advances. Hulk , flair if your out there this year at summer slam when your slumped over because I have destroyed you with my flying elbow your better hope Vince McMahon has some more narcan up his sleeve. Because let me tell you something brother. Fentanyl won’t kill you as quick as me flying off the ropes.


      • I broke Lex like a slim Jim. oh yeah. miss Elizabeth is buried in my back yard brother. if you don’t believe why don’t you head down to 123 oh yeah Avenue and we will dig up together! That belt you posted brother oh yeah it will be mine… Butler can’t afford new police cars however having 3 of the biggest superstars in the industry kind of makes up for the lack of police.

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