Man wanted on a mental health warrant and armed with a machete tazed five times and hit with several bean bag rounds Saturday

Douglas  Spink, 46, of Butler was arrested Saturday,but not before members of the state police Special Emergency Response Team were called in to help.

Butler police said Spink bit the hand of one of the assisting troopers, who ended up going to the hospital for treatment.

City police later charged him with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in connection with the standoff that unfolded in an alley between Fulton and Pearl streets.

A 911 call shortly after 9 a.m. led officers to the defendant, whose GMC Yukon had gotten stuck, according to court documents. Spink was apparently sleeping in the back of the vehicle.

On Friday, police said, the crisis intervention center had advised police of the warrant for Spink.

While police spoke to Spink, another man came by and dropped off the defendant’s service dog, which had run off the previous night.

Officers allowed the dog to get into the vehicle with Spink as they explained to him the warrant process.

“He became adamant that he would not leave his dog,” “and that he would kill it before he would let anyone take it away from him.”

Spink refused to come out of the vehicle despite police commands, and he eventually climbed into the front seat.

“He reached down on the floor and pulled up a machete, and raised it above his head.”

At this point he was then razed, The Taser did not seem to have much effect. Patrolman Marc Howard fired his Taser.

But this time, the defendant dove back into the vehicle, grabbed his dog and placed the machete to the dog’s neck.

Officers called Butler Township Police and state police for assistance. Among those to respond were state police negotiator Cpl. Gregory Bogan and CERT members.

Bogan and Villotti took turns talking to Spink for close to two hours.

At one point, he dropped the machete but picked up a smaller knife, which he held against the dog’s neck.

Authorities, hoping to peacefully resolve the ordeal, got permission from Butler Ambulance Service medics and Butler Memorial Hospital officials to allow Spink to bring his dog to the hospital.

Still, however, he refused to cooperate.

But apparently after the defendant momentarily fell asleep, police called for the dog, which exited the vehicle.

A minute or so later, Spink began to shout and also left the vehicle. Police told him to get on both knees. He went down on one knee before abruptly standing up.

Chief Ron Brown deployed his Taser “with little effect,”

When he ran through a group of officers apparently to try and get his dog, police said, SERT members shot him with two bean bag rounds.

Police said he ran at Villotti before he was hit with two more Tasers and two more bean bags.

While being arrested, police said, he bit a trooper’s right hand. The officer was taken to the hospital but the injury was believed to be minor.

This was not Spink’s first violent confrontation with police. In 2016, he fought with Zelienople police at a convenience store after authorities said he fired a gun at his mother’s house in Harmony.




  1. This is the guy!!! He walked his dog, a golden lab mix or whatever. He walked his dog all the time by family services washington street. I heard he is a beastiality person. This is the guy. Wow!!! He even made friends at family services walking his dog around and a female or two worker loved to hang out playing with the dog for a few.


  2. I’ve known Doug for three or four years. If all you know is what you can Google, he looks pretty ridiculous, but he’s been smeared hard. My impression of him is that he’s absolutely brilliant, but that his brains and inspiration come at the price of a shaky grasp on how to fit in with the rest of the world. We were talking periodically until about a month before this happened, I could tell he was starting to have trouble, but there is only so much one can do from afar.

    Does anyone know where he is being held? I tried the inmate locator thing, it doesn’t know where he is.


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