Only Butler News has a copy of the federal lawsuit filed A federal against former Butler County police chief and the township where he worked

A federal lawsuit has been filed against a former Butler County police chief and the township where he worked by a man claiming excessive force was used on him when he was arrested.

Kent Bowers alleges then-Lancaster Township Police Chief David Sitler assaulted him during his arrest in 2016. According to the suit, Bowers had been drinking and was acting erratically when he was arrested at his home in Lancaster Township.

Bowers’ attorney says the alleged assault occurred as the chief was putting Bowers into the police car. He claims the officer tackled Bowers, grabbed him by the neck and choked him nearly unconscious.

Sitler was fired just weeks after the confrontation with Bowers. He never faced any criminal charges. He was a 20-year veteran with the police force.

I would encourage everyone to watch the video that is out there-and then read this lawsuit. This is why the system is broken,this chief should have been arrested for his actions. He was not because as an officer he has special privileges. If a member of the public did this they would be locked up.

Click the link and read the lawsuit for yourself. You can make your own decision on this case and if the chief should have been charged.



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