Buffalo TWP Police police officers who wrongly raided elderly residents home over hibiscus-well here is a copy of the lawsuit

Thinking back a month or so ago the big story was once again Buffalo Township Police, it is bad enough this department arrested Marcus Fair for recording them, charged him with wire tapping. He is in jail for that awaiting trial.

Now we move on to this madness, here is a copy of the past post and a brief of what happened. Please click the link to read the fill past article of the incident.




The officers are as follows


-Just hired a little over a year ago-already to be believed to have several complaints loged against him. The belief in my area is that he gets to keep the job because he has a family member that is the warden of the county jail.

the suit claims, Buffalo Township police Officer Jeffrey Sneddon obtained a search warrant for the Cramers’ property. The suit says that Sneddon claimed to have expertise in identifying marijuana.Guess not huh dipshit?

The suit alleges that the search warrant contained no probable cause to search the Cramers’ home.

Snedden fastly took down all of his social media pages when the lawsuit was filed.


Then we have happy hard-ass  Sgt. Scott Hess-who really is for the most part a dickhead and should never be a police officer, He is fantastic at arresting people for recording Police and detaining the elderly. Other then that he really is a  waste…(Sorry SGT I am not black or elderly, but charge me with something, I could use the lawsuit since it is xmas in Buffalo TWP.)

Here are some fun details about Scott Hess-upon arriving at the house Scott Hess pulled a rifle on Audrey Cramer, 66, who was partially dressed, told Cramer to put her hands “behind her fucking back” she was cuffed and placed into a police car for over 4.5 hours in her panties when the car was 90 degrees or more.

Hess drug a 66 year old woman across her gravel driveway in her bare feet and underwear and told Cramer that she needed to “shut the fuck up and tell her where the drugs are” Hess went on to tell Cramer that he did not have to show her a search warrant, and once again told her he wants to know where the drugs are.”

So here is the update-and here is the copy of the official lawsuit filed in The Butler County Courts.

Please click the link to view the lawsuit and feel free to comment below.

Lawsuit Buffalo Twp

photo (2)



  1. I also hope this case doesn’t get settled ‘out of court’, where one of the stipulations agreed to is that these bozos admit no wrongdoing and are thus free to continue operating their own little police state.


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