Knoch Middle, covers up a “low level threat”

Parents of South Butler School District were sent an alert on Thursday of what the school district called a ‘low level threat.’

The district in a statement said that they would not say  what the threat entailed but did say “out of an abundance of caution” they evacuated the high school and middle school.  The threat occurred at Knoch Middle School.

When pried for more information a school official told Butler News “it is not always public information to know every working detail of the schools, and the threat or lack there of  that allegedly happened yesterday-furthurmeoe stating “we reserve the right to release details of incidents as needed”

The district indicated that no schools would be let out early and that classes would resume once the buildings were cleared.

And everyone remember this, it is actually public information.




  1. Translation: public schools operate on public funding, which is another name for tax dollars. Just give us your money and shut up. We can do whatever we want with your money and your children and you have no say in the matter. The reason is simple: we are, at our very core, simply smarter than you are.

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  2. Nature boy I don’t think you know who your calling out. When I take off my sunglasses I am usually disgusted with the fact that miss Elizabeth is a woman receiving equal pay for less work brother. She can’t do what the macho man can. Ooooooo ooooooo yeah
    #me next


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