Jordan Ondish,24, A Special education teacher at Summit Academy accused of having sex with student

A special education teacher at Summit Academy in Butler County is accused of having sex with a student is facing charges. According to sources, the teacher is accused of having sex with a student more than once in her classroom.

Ondish was married or engaged to be married at the times of these incidents. She later stated to police that this was an abusive relationship. A guard at the facility found a cell phone in the students possession, when the phone was searched many x rated pictures and videos of Ondish were found on the phone.

Ondish was terminated and has been charged with institutional sexual assault.

Ondish told police she was in a previous abusive relationship and would talk to her student about that relationship. She told investigators that the relationship with her student grew over time on an emotional level and she then purchased the student a cell phone so they could communicate.

The two then allegedly had sex at least once in early November. The victim told police it was more than once- once in early November and again just before Thanksgiving, according to documents.

The investigation began after staff members found the cell phone in the victim’s room. It contained “explicit conversations between the victim and the defendant,” according to police.

The school allegedly warned Ondish of her behavior and instructed her to “protect her personal space” after the student was seen sitting beside her while behind her desk and having the student in her classroom after work hours.

Ondish had just started working as a teacher for Summit Academy in June. She now faces one charge of institutional sexual assault.





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