Police need your help locating two Suspects In Violent Home Invasion of an elderly man

State Police are looking for two men, and possibly others, in connection with a weekend home invasion in Clay Township.

Butler radio reports that, Trooper Dan Kesten said the incident happened about 6 a.m. Saturday morning at a residence on Euclid Road.

“Two white males knocked on the door. An older resident opened the door and they rushed him,” Kesten said.

The suspects held the elderly man at knifepoint and gunpoint and then beat him up, at times pistol-whipping him. They forced him to open a safe and stole from him.

“They beat him pretty badly” the trooper said in a statement.

The victim was inside his home badly injured for 12 hours until he was found by family members. He was then flown to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh for treatment.

Police have not yet made any arrests.

“If anyone has any leads, we’d appreciate a call,” he said.

It’s believed the suspects are in their 20s.

Police say they also don’t know if the invasion was targeted or random.

If you have information please call your local police department, 911, or the state Police direct.

This is a GREAT reason why everyone should sleep with an AR-15 loaded and under your bed at night.



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