Supreme Court’s cake case pits gay rights versus Christian faith

When conservative Christian baker Jack Phillips in 2012 politely but firmly told Colorado gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig he would not make them a cake to celebrate their wedding, it triggered a chain of events that will climax on Tuesday in highly anticipated U.S. Supreme Court arguments.

Phillips contends the U.S. Constitution’s free speech guarantees protect him from making a cake that would violate his religious beliefs against gay marriage. To Mullins and Craig, the baker’s refusal represented a simple case of unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In one of the biggest cases of the conservative-majority court’s nine-month term, the justices — just two years after legalizing gay marriage — must decide whether Phillips’ action was constitutionally protected and he can avoid punishment for violating Colorado anti-discrimination law.

Baker Jack Phillips decorates a cake in his Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood



  1. Quite right that it seems to be a quandry of Emotions and Ethics.My Dilemma is Also being a struggling Christian not at all happy with all the Evolutionary changes. I ask the ultimate question on origins of Homo-Sexuality which was practiced by The Roman Empire in Biblical Times and still a Crime if you will; committed by the Catholic Religious Clergy in these modern times. And who is holding them accountable for their actions! Last I heard not The Vatican. So modern day Christian non-Catholics as well as Joe Blow on the street is hard set to have a problem with the Gay Community and not using Religious Beliefs or Constitutional Rights to disapprove of same-sex anything. I have to say that with the New Evolution of Women Power and Domination as Opposed to More Men ( Forced to Stay at Home ) inregards to The Equal Rights Amendments that gave opportunity to the then Minorities of Females and The Black Race, thereby as time has gone by turning the White Male into a New Minority Class. To you Baker Man, get with the times, and Pray to your Creator for answers cause your fellow human species isn’t qualified to make your decisions for you on how to handle this situation. Gender Roles have obviously been twisted around and the Male species are now viewed as the One Night Stand for Females just out for a good time and a temporary moment of Sexual Gratification. Business is Business and if you are dealing with peer pressure, be a man and stick to your beliefs, one way or the other. You worry about Gays, worry about the next Female that puts a Ring in your Nose or a Chain on your Nuts as a sign of who is in Control. You won’t have time to worry about the Gay Movement until you have the urge to become one of them, thru your eventual hate of the Female Gender. Just for the Record, Homesexuality is a Natural Chemistry of the Human Gene. Not controlled and possibly a manmade influence.


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