Update on the homeless man Butler News and its users stepped up and helped

Homeless man that got the police called on him by management at Applebee’s.. where is he now? Well, here is an update for everyone…..how AWESOME is this?

Here is the user submitted article with an update. Enjoy!

Just thought I would follow up on Harold the homeless man he is still at my house but he went and got paid yesterday and he has a social security card coming in the mail he went to Manpower this morning and he’s got a job in Butler starting out at 1350 per hour I had my doubts when he first come but I think he is trying really hard and I think this job’s going to be a really good thing I don’t know how much longer I can let him stay here but do you want to help them while we can he has done a lot of yard work for me and little things you know them doing he will offer to do I broke my wrist he is trying and a happy one homeless person can get a start for a better future and his little dog is such sweetheart I know I had family members and friends said are you crazy for taking a stranger in maybe maybe not he has been a gentleman and offers to help with any kind of work I think when he tried and got the job that he isn’t just a panhandler that goes from town to town but just thought maybe you wanted update


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