Bus drivers are tired of brat kids and want to be able to discipline kids

A group of Valley Lines bus drivers aired grievances about safety and student discipline Monday night before the Butler School Board.

Vicky Fleske, a bus driver for 25 years, said that in recent years the district has not been disciplining students and supporting the drivers properly.

“We’re trying to discipline our kids on the bus and trying to get them to and from school safe, but the drivers are giving up on writing up (misbehaving students) because we’re writing and writing and writing and we’re not getting anything back from the district. There’s no discipline being done,”

Several of the drivers referenced a recent incident in which the district told Valley Lines to remove a driver from his route after he broke from established procedure in disciplining middle school students by doing a “brake check” last week in downtown Butler.

Administrators reviewed surveillance video from the bus and determined that the driver had not followed established protocols — which would have included pulling over the bus and having a principal or administrator come in person to the bus.

Several drivers said Monday that a zero tolerance or “one-strike” policy for drivers makes them fearful that they could lose their jobs at any time.

Editors Note—

I am just sitting here wondering..one what is the cover up? The bus company will not release the video of the incident. Two if you are driving a bus do you not realize kids can be pricks? You know, the bus driver yourself was a little prick at one point in life. And I am sure we all have annoyed a bus driver.

if one dislikes your job this much, why not just go and get a new job? It is not like the bus company pays a decent wage. I am all but sure you could go to Walmart and work and make around the same wages. If you do not like your job do not blame the kids, go and find a new job!




  1. It starts at home, these kids act like wild animals because their parents allow it, and make excuses or blame others. It’s the tail wagging the dog. The teachers and bus drivers have nobody to back them up, because the administration is afraid of the parents. It’s asinine.


  2. I drove a bus years ago and if a student acted up I moved them to the front seat. I also have pulled out of the parking lot and pulled back in and had principal come on the bus. All the years driving, my students knew my rules and if they got out of hand they were written up. Put in the front seat and never had problems after that. To this day I have students tell me I was a good bus driver even though some gave me a hard time but they appreciated me corrected them .

    First thing parents need to know they need to teach their children good behaviour and why it’s important on the bus. The driver is responsible for all their children lives. It’s important to let your children know what an important job the bus driver has when they start riding the bus in grade school. If they must behave all the time the driver is taking their eyes off the road and putting everyone’s live in danger.

    Good communication between the students and driver is important as well as parents and school employees.

    I loved driving the bus and enjoyed all the students. Hearing my students tell me I was a good driver is proof I did a great job!


  3. In regards to the editors note – First off, the school board also has the video and will not release it to the public. The reason, student privacy. If the video would reveal anything, it would show that the driver did a “break check” from a measly 5 mph.

    Secondly, I’m going to assume you were not at the meeting mentioned in the article. If you had been you would realize that we do love our job as bus drivers. I love the kids I drive!

    The school district changed their discipline policy two years ago. Since that time, very little has been done to correct bad behavior on the bus.

    The point is, it’s not that we don’t expect problems on the bus. But we would like to see more support from the district in establishing their rules and safe behavior on the bus.


  4. After reading the Editors Note. I can not believe what I read. How can he call children pricks and then call all bus drivers the same thing at one point in their lives. Why don’t you go for a ride on a bus just to see what drivers have to go though every day. As for saying if the drivers don’t like their jobs then quit. Life some time is not that easy. I didn’t hear any one say they didn’t like their job, just want to do it safely without being sworn at spit at and being able to hear what is going on out side the bus!


    • I wasn’t taking a shot at the drivers. My thing is if you dislike the job find a new one. The school boards useless and they are not going to do anything that doesn’t benefit them. Complaints will fall on def ears was sort of my point.


      • You say when we were in school that we gave the driver problems and we acted up on the bus!!! yes we probably did, BUT we never got the chance for a write up, nope no discipline from the district. You know what we got? The driver stopped the bus wherever they were, opened the door and said get off!!!!! And after we had to walk sometimes for miles to reach our home, we learned after walking several times. The problem is kids and i stress NOT ALL KIDS have No discipline, i understand both parents sometimes have to work and can’t always be home for their children, but when they are home teach your children DISCIPLINE, SELF RESPECT and RESPECT for others. Parents—– quit giving in to your kids, just because its easier, it NOT better. Its shows them ha ha i won, i get what i want. That’s not a parent teaching your child thats just giving the child the upperhand and they know now they can get away with it and paying no consequences. Make consequences for their actions and MAKE IT STICK!!! Dont back down. As for telling us if we hate our job to find another job, not one of us said we hate our jobs, what we do dislike is that we can’t do our jobs safely because of children that don’t know how to properly behave on our buses. One last thing Mr. Butler News man— Why don’t you find a real job instead of just sitting there listening to the scanner and catching bits and pieces of things that are happening around Butler, Get your facts straight before posting your CRAP!


      • I made $3900.00 off this page, $1900.00 off of the Ohio page, and $918.00 off the Mercer page. Plus I work. So fuckface, before you speak learn your facts. Also it’s not “mr Butler News” who listens to the scanner. A person is paid to post Tid bits. Get a real job and stfu!


      • I’m not interested in how much you make and how you make it i will just say i wouldn’t pay you a dime for the b.s you post and the nasty language you use on here, so whoever pays you wow that says alot. oh yeah i guess its not Mr Butler news, but your afraid to post who you really are is that right JUSTIN?? This will be my last post to you because you my dear are NOT worth my time. But thanks for responding lmao


      • Bravo Mr. Butler News, Vicky is another hard case with a mouth and an opinion that has no basis of reality.
        yeah the kids are out of control and the parents are hopelessly lost, not simply to both parents working, when many kids are taught to be Bully’s and defy discipline and no doubt what so ever the school administration without a doubt do suck up to the more influencial parent figures. Bullying whether up close and personal; something I dealt with thru elementary and 7th grade before I finally at age 13(?) said Fuck It, and my parents who weren’t able to stick up for my rights as a child or school student allowed me to quit. Thru Elementary and High School, the teachers not only turned a Blind Eye but got their digs in as well. This began for me in the 60’s and 70’s and has steadily gotten worse since now we have cyber bullying and kids stressing out and comitting suicide.
        And nothing is done about it. This currrent society in every single aspect has evolved the ” Those who matter and those who don’t
        philosophy”, in relation to somethings just get worse in time and in this Continuing barbaric society justice remains- Violence for Violence. An Eye For An Eye type of thing. there are plenty of good parents out there who have lost disciplinary control over their children: reasons aplenty. One big one as ever is social class, Money and Power being top on the list. poor people don’t matter.
        Single parents who ( Females ) who over indulge, and ( Males ) who over discipline. Young unwed mothers who have no training in parenthood and it ething that can be taught in a classroom. Love and Moral Bearings comes from the Heart and there is Damn little of that these days. Laws layered within Laws that leave us Paralyzed in Doubt and Frustration as to what is and isn’t permitted in this country. The Powers that be keep the Common Citizen enslaved deliberately as a means to maintain an illusion of control over the masses and Armeggedon is running rampant in this country. I am going on 60 and I am still forced to use violence in self defense for myself and my loved ones. yeah a lot of opinions of no consequence fill the comment pages, one has to rely on ones own experience to live, and a lot of negative actions are enacted, and they aren’t all of criminal intent.


  5. Well no discipline does not seem to be working so maybe, just maybe the schools can start enforcing something here?? Drivers give a warning, if no respect, write them up and hand it in to the school. School suspends the kid from the bus for a week or whatever. Problem solved. Life has consequences and not making that clear to disrupting kids on a bus is only going to make things much worse.


    • A minor correction on that last comment which was meant to read as. Young mothers who were never taught to be a parent when they weren’t taught themselves and it isn’t something that can be taught in a classroom.


      • A new aspect. Babies are just the unfortunate consequence of LustFilled sex. And it has always been a problem with what I identify as Babies having Babies, Puberty sets in and it becomes as a Demonic FuckFest, ” giving Satan undue credit for the Human defective concept of Free Will. and the Male Figures who are getting Punished and Branded as Sex Offenders cause they couldn’t resist a free offer to a good time.. And what a Heyday the Female Gender is Having on their crusade to becoming the Dominate gender in this country. It is Documented so yeah I have my information accurate and updated. Google and Ask pop these facts up with many sites on the same subject matter quite swiftly. So I get rather testy when opinions of Bull Shit fill the Comments Section of this rather valuable website of local media.
        Thank You Mr ” Butler News “. A potential CatchPhrase that may go somewhere.
        As for The Legitimate concerns and Comments by the Bus Drivers who are simply earning a Paycheck and it isn’t meant to be a subject of Like or Dislike it is a Job, and yeah these Drivers have a stressfulful time at it when they have the responsibilty of so many lives to get from Here to There and Back and even a moment of Distraction has cost lives and the Driver is the one who Stands accused and punishable for what happens on the Bus. If there has to be armed guards at the schools, then thing will be to put them on the buses as well to maintain control over these Precious little Demons/Angels.


  6. I drove for 15 years and enjoyed so much about it. It’s kind of an odd thing to tell drivers that if they don’t like their job to quit and find another one. What a lot of the public does not know, is that there is a severe Nationwide drivers shortage. I know of one District that has upped their substitute pay to $20 an hour, and still has trouble getting qualified drivers. If you have a CDL, you can get a job driving boxes around that pays more and you don’t have crazy parents screaming at you or 70 kids behind you that you are supposed to maintain perfect control of… With your back to them


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