Woman makes claims she was close to being abducted at Walmart-Police call the report suspicious

Butler Township Police are investigating what they are calling “suspicious activity” at the Butler Walmart over the weekend.

The incident happened Saturday evening at the Butler Commons store. A woman told police she was in the store with her two children when she started being followed by two men. The woman told officers the men never spoke to her, but followed her around the store, and when she left, one of them approached her vehicle and tried opening the passenger side door.

The door was locked and she sped away.

Police say they are investigating and would like to speak to the men involved. They are described as white male who was wearing a grey zip-up hoodie and a black male who was wearing a black jacket and black hat. The black male also had a tear drop tattoo.

Butler Township Police say this is the only incident they have received describing this type of behavior inside the Walmart.

Police went on to view video at Walmart and found nothing suspicious.

Below is the post the woman posted on Facebook about the incident, this post has been shared close to 3,000 times.


This is a WARNING to all of you young women with small children. This actually happened at Walmart in Butler. A young woman who grew up in Kittanning and now lives in Butler was shopping with her two young children. She felt she was being followed by two African American men. One had a tattoo of a tear drop on his face. She went to her car and hurried up and locked the doors. The two men were trying to get in the car door in the backseat where the children were. She floored it and then called the State Troopers. They reviewed the security cameras in Walmart. There were actually 4 men. They are part of a child abduction ring. They are targeting young women with children who are shopping without other adults. They have been at the Pittsburgh Mills and in Butler the Troopers told her. Please be alert when shopping without your spouse. This is a crazy world.”


Here is the problem-there is NO camera footage of the incident. NONE. The woman did not call State Police, in fact she waited for an extended period of time to call police after she went and posted it on Facebook.

THIS IS A HOAX everyone!




  1. I just saw a really similar story a girl had posted on Facebook about the Millcreek Mall in Erie. Same thing, said a group of men were trying to abduct her and her friends. She said to BEWARE of sex trafficking rings. Sounds like the same scam

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  2. Maybe we should give them 15 dollars a hour and quit sexualizing them brother. Oh yeah! I never treated miss Elizabeth with a ounce of respect because she would make shit up too. Oh yeah! She never got paid equal and I sexually harassed her daily oh yeah!


  3. One time, there was this guy who gave me mean looks at the mall. I got scared and drove my car real fast like. Then people were like whoa, you’re so fast man! It’s crazy how this stuff works out!

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