Consolidated Communications driver runs schools bus stop light, almost runs over a child-consolidated refuses to take action

In an ongoing story that started on 12/7/2017 around 4pm. Children were exiting a school bus on Neupert Road in Cabot. While children were getting off of the bus a Consolidated Communications driver came flying down Neupert road. Watching the video you will see the Consolidated Communications driver slow down briefly, then ultimately while a child is on the street-gun the van, swerve to miss the  bar that comes out of the side of the bus, drive through my yard, and then continue to take off.

I was immediately alerted of this incident. (yup this is my house covered in cameras) I was stunned when I watched the cameras. I immediately called Consolidated Communications and was told “we will take action if you send us the video and not release the video” I ignored that.

I then called W L Roenigk Inc. bus company, the bus company informed me the driver filed a report, but nothing could be done by PSP because the bus company does not have the licence plate. I then asked if the bus had cameras. I was informed that in fact a lot of the buses do not have cameras, and this is something the school district said is not in the budget. And that only a select few buses have cameras because the school says that cameras on the buses are not in the budget.

And the conversation got real interesting with a spokesperson of  W L Roenigk Inc. This nice young lady I spoke to went on to tell me that A manager of Consolidated communication from the Gibsonia office named Chuck Shaw contacted the bus company-but they contacted the bus company to see If the bus company has seen MY video yet. Not seeking information of the drivers grave mistake that could have killed a child. Basically Consolidated wanted to cover this up at any and all costs.

I was granted the privileged of talking to Mr Shaw on 12/8/2017. Shaw went on to tell me that this unknown Consolidated driver made a statement that he “does not recall any incidents” basically the driver said this was a story being made up. So then the video was released. I have found myself wondering if the driver has “recalled” this incident since the video was posted here.

I spoke with Mr Shaw on the phone on 12/8/17. Shaw I found to be very concerned about the incident, but when asked what action is going to be taken against the driver I was told “It will be dealt with” So let me get this right? Your driver almost killed a child and the best you can come up with it will be dealt with??

I have not posted this to Facebook quite yet, I am still working on this, look for updates soon. Including additional video of the incident from multiple angles



  1. I am a consolidated customer. I will be canceling my service after 11 years Saturday Morning. I have called Armstrong to switch services and they will be at my home to hook up internet Wednesday. This is disgusting behavior and after watching this video I will no longer pay for services from this company.

    I encourage everyone to cancel this companies services. After watching this video I can not imagine paying this company. This article brought me to tears. What if that baby would have been killed? Judging by the video that child was very close to being hit by a driver that was in a hurry and not paying attention.

    I also wonder if The State Police are aware that this company has tracking in every van, car and truck. The company knows who this man is. And it is clear they are covering for him. This is unacceptable in my book!

    Everyone, cancel Consolidated services.


  2. This is This is fucking deplorable! I get on this website to joke around. I suspect this will be all over the Pittsburgh news as soon as they see this shit. man fuck you consolidated cock suckers should have opened fire on that pussy driver


  3. Why is this not on Facebook yet? This is going to start a shit storm for this company. My good god this is horrible. That one kid was close to being run over. Reading this story I would not believe it unless I seen it online myself. This driver was not fired on the spot? I will never for any reason do business with this company. My daughter is a customer of consolidated for internet. I shared this video to her Facebook.Just like the above commentator. I agree that Lynn needs to cancel her internet for Armstrong immediately if this driver wasn’t fired. How dare they. He could have killed a child. And this is okay?


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