Editorial: School board problems

My “WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN” for Slippery Rock School Director went as expected. Many friends, neighbors, fellow-farmers, and verbally committed voters for me, never showed their faces, although many others did, and for this I am thankful – and extremely indebted. Asking for one’s commitment of fifteen minutes to vote—then denied, while one stands in the cold and wind for 13 1/2 hours, goes from house-to-house, barn-to-barn, business-to-business, meets individually, erects signage, text(s), e-mails, and calls others for support – for a no-pay-job; only for the privilege of representing them, their children, grand-children, and financial considerations is disheartening. The status-quo has won again, only to misrepresent their intentions, power, and authority over a sheepish electorate. The nine member school-board, superintendent, school district manager, and the solicitor— comprise this panel. Some on-board have education experience. The Superintendent; The Manager; and the Solicitor…others in this group which comprise the voting-body, state/local legislators if you please, may or may-not have any background and usually don’t. Internal issues, public meetings, business meetings, and occasional special events demand their time and attention. As elected officials they have the unwielding power to change-your-life, by raising your taxes, and instituting rules/regulations that either hamper or help the community. More involvement and dutiful service is required, but rarely engaged. Each [School Director] has a unique advantage to influence, change, direct, and improve not only the schools they represent, but also the students they are entrusted. Simple, but necessary chores must be a regimen. Riding school busses and making observations, meeting teachers during their preparation times, walking-the-halls, visiting the buildings, talking with clerical, janitorial, and other staff members for their input. Visiting the homes of cyber-schooled students, home-bound children, long-term detention or expelled individuals; hoping to rectify a damaged life. Taking even further steps to meet with parents at P.T.O., P.T.A., Home and School, and P.T.C.C. meetings to gain useful and much needed particulars. [Are all of these conditions being surveyed?] I would personally say from experience and observation…the answer is: “NO!” These were exactly—and with concreteness of character, my plans for this great undertaking, but now thwarted. —k.e.s., jr.


Karl E. Sparn, Jr.
738 Franklin Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057




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