Fire on Carbon Street leave three displaced

A minor fire took place at 537 Carbon Street in the city at 12:30 am Friday.

Four people were taken to the hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation. Everyone’s said to be okay.

The Home sustained minor damage on the outside. Smoke damage on the inside.

Butler Fire Department said firefighters were at 12:48 a.m. on Saturday morning to a structure fire at 535-537 Carbon Street.

When crews arrived, they discovered the building is a duplex and found the occupants of one side kicking in the door of their neighbor as the fire grew.

The neighbors that kicked in the door said everyone was out- yet a, but the 30-year-old man and his 2-year-old daughter who appeared outside after the door was kicked in reported that the man’s mother, 54, was still inside in her upstairs bedroom.

After extinguishing those flames, the crew was able to search the rooms and find the unresponsive woman in a bedroom. The woman did not appear to have any burns.

The unidentified woman, who did not appear to have burns, was taken to Butler Memorial Hospital by ambulance and then to West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh by helicopter.

The man and his young daughter were also taken to Butler Memorial Hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation, he was released this morning with the child.

Oddly enough, multiple neighbors messaged me saying it was a blessing that no one was has died, everyone expressed what great neighbors these people were, then expressed its a blessing that a woman named Crystal Minda now has to move- Minda lives on the other side of the building. Everyone states they are happy Minda must move because she was “destroying Carbon Street” with her constant drug use, and out of control children.



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  2. YO, Mindas 16 year old daughter was in school bragging that she has a 50 year old sugar daddy. That entire family is trash, she raised her 16 year old to fuck old men for money. Daughter is 16. Mother of the year. Thank god these crack heads are gone.


  3. THE mindas that’s live on the other side of the apartment were pure trash. The mother was recentlyarrwwted overdosing in the middle of the street. Good ridden to bad trash. Hope the injured people were okay. Thank god these junkie scums are gone


  4. Oh yeah your momma is the toughest cyber bully of all that’s why he hides behind a screen name oh yeah. Butlercitizen is the best damn site ever and if he wants to call females names then that’s a cause the macho Man can get behind brother.


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  7. Just sick child prostitution. I trust this site reported this article with the comments to the AG of PA.
    Children are precious, I am so angry this person that commented about getting drugs and seeing a child molested. I
    I hope to fu5k your site does something here!!


      • I have no idea what age the kids are, never met them or the mother. I just reported a post/comments because it ain’t right.
        We all fuck around on here with comments but what I saw was nasty. Nothing to to do with this site but hell did you contact someone?? or say who cares???


      • I’m going to look at the comments now.Im not even sure what we’re talking about here in all honestly. I don’t approve comments anymore I’ve had them turned off for days. I’ll turn it back on.


  8. Wow so much stuff opening up for a person displaced by fire, accused of drugs and child trafficking. Burn them out!!., Not a threat figurative. Protect children AG.


    • What do you expect me to do about a comment made? Shall I go and arrest someone? And the kid isn’t even a child man. Kids 17 meaning cops couldn’t file charges on anyone for shit. But toodles!


  9. There was a fire and the inside of home is heavily damaged but the lies about Crystal and my little cousins need to stop right now. None of them are true Crystal is not a whore and her daughter is not messing with old guys and Crystal does not do drugs either WTF is wrong with you people your sick as fuck, do you get off on trying to destroy someone an make them loose there kids and do u get off on trying to destroy a girls reputation? I am completly an totally disgusted. If there were any truth in any of this shit I wouldnt say a word but your stating alll lies and Justin you know me Im not afraid to call a junkie or bad mom out and Crystal is far from a bad mom she spends her every second raising my little cousins and doing a damn fine job at it.


    • JUDGING FROM THE RESPONSE OF Your Momma, THE people in the area had good reason to feel re leaved about being rid of this Minda. Justin is reporting the news as he received it and she took it to a whole new level. AS for the rest of the negative comments, Justin did not put those in the posts and right or wrong, they are the assumptions of other people.

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