NFL tickets plummet to unimaginable prices due to protest damage

As NFL players continue to protest the national anthem each week, the effect the protests are having on the league’s bottom line is becoming evermore present, and now, we know exactly how bad the protests are hurting ticket sales.

What’s going on?
Ratings and TV ad revenue has dropped, attendance has plummeted, but ticket sales may be hardest hit. Just a few years ago, tickets for even the stadium’s worst seats would run a fan in excess of $100. Now, you may be able to purchase tickets for less than what a gallon of gas costs.

According to Vivid Seats, a ticket reselling website, tickets for Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts sold for as little as $2. (Yes, you read that right.) Even the stadium’s best seats — in the lower part of the stadium near the 50-yard-line — were selling for just $29. Tickets at that level typically sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

That was the ticket scene across the NFL on Sunday. Tickets for the Carolina Panthers game went for a little as $7, while fans could see the Green Bay Packers for as cheap as $12.

Not every team’s tickets are in the basement, but they’re also not at the same level they were just a few years ago. Tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys later this month are going for as little as $10, while tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers, are going for a fraction of what they used to.

Embarrassingly, as a New York newspaper noted, tickets for a college hockey game in the Buffalo area went for $28 this weekend — a whopping 1,400 percent more expensive than the Bill’s cheapest tickets.




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    • I don’t go to the games because of the disrespect for the flag. you pathetic puke. get your facts straight before you sound off your big mouth.


    • MY remarks were meant to be a stab against the NFL for not doing something about these protests. SINCE you were not sure of my meaning, I would have been glad to explain that if you would have asked before sounding off.


  3. Wilhelm I’m happy were on the same page brother I only act that way because my mother didn’t love me as a child oh yeah and that’s why I’m so sexist. I was hoping with a name like that you were a semi-neo Nazi and I’m glad you are brother I’ll tip my sunglasses to that and hating women.


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