LPN Cassie Jo Woods, 27,charged after stealing drugs off elderly patients at Saxony Health Center

A former nurse at the Saxony Health Center has been charged with forging medical records and stealing narcotic painkillers intended for patients.

Cassie Jo Woods, 27, of Jefferson Township admitted taking the pills to cope with issues in her life and to being occasionally high at work. Saxonburg Police this week charged Woods by summons with a list of misdemeanor charges for theft by unlawful taking, forgery, tampering with records or identification, theft by deception and possession of a controlled substance.

A preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 10 at the office of District Judge Sue Haggerty in Saxonburg.

Woods, a licensed practical nurse, worked for about two years at Saxony Health Center. Woods resigned on Nov. 14th, when health center officials notified police that they suspected her of diverting medication she documented as having been given to patients,

Specifically, according to court documents, she is accused of signing out several oxycodone pills on Nov. 13 that were intended for four patients.

To cover up the crime, Woods changed the dates and times on medication logs. She also allegedly forged another nurse’s signature on a patient’s medical chart. Woods later voluntarily agreed to be interviewed at the police station. During the 30-minute interview, she acknowledged wrongdoing.

She admitted “taking and ingesting the pills in order to cope with past life events, but she would not elaborate about those issues.

She also confessed to forging the other nurse’s signature on two or three occasions, documents said, because it was “easier to forge” than other signatures.

Additionally, Woods said she had taken pills on other days, not only Nov. 13.

Woods’ actions, did not affect patients’ health Saxony heath states, but going without pain medication would affect a persons health. Who are they kidding?

“No one was harmed by it,” she said, “and we replaced all the medications for those patients. They all received their medications.”

Woods’ practical nursing license was issued Feb. 6, 2014, and it remains active, according to online records from the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for Woods and the Butler Eagle could not reach her for comment.




  1. This kind of thing goes on all the time at Saxony Health.I worked there many years ago and knew of 2 nurses taking the patients medication.Some things never change,specially at Saxony Health.


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