Butler Township Police lie to the public, trying to spin it, but there was no stalking case at Walmart

Butler Township police are no longer seeking information about an alleged stalking incident at the Butler Commons Walmart.

A white male in a photo taken at the store has been identified and Butler Township Police have made contact with him. Upon making contact it was then stated the male was doing nothing more then shopping, and was no where near the “victims” car.

Multiple camera feeds in fact show that the male was no where near the female who made the claims.

BUT Butler Township tries to spin it the best they can by telling the Butler Eagle “An investigation is still pending at this time, according to Detective Justin Welton” but that is a downright lie. There is no investigation, the case is all but considered closed.

Township police had taken a report from a woman, who said that two suspicious men were following her and her children around the store on Saturday, Dec. 2.There is also no reason why the person making the false report has not been charged. Butler Township Police will not comment on the case.

I guess Butler Township Police would rather lie to the public, and keep the lie going in order to save face.



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