LPN Cassie Woods, 27, already charged for stealing elderly patients narcotics,under investigation for adderall theft and sex with a minor at Summit Academy

Charged just days ago, Cassie Jo Woods, 27, of Jefferson Township admitted taking the pills to cope with issues in her life and to being occasionally high at work. Saxonburg Police this week charged Woods by summons with a list of misdemeanor charges for theft by unlawful taking, forgery, tampering with records or identification, theft by deception and possession of a controlled substance.

Read more about Woods arrest here.


Butler News called Saxonburg Police asking for answers of why she was not charged with felony drug theft, at this time the call has not been returned. Nor will it because it is “all in who you know”

Sources are now telling Butler News that Woods was about to be fired from Summit Academy. Sources are telling Butler News that when Woods was working at Summit she would often come into work “high” and unable to function.

Summit then back tracked and found that Adderell tablets were missing, over 40. Woods said that they might have misplaced. Woods then went on to abruptly quit Summit before an internal investigation could be completed. At the time Summit did not have enough evidence to turn the missing adderall over to State Police.

Also complaints were made at Summit by students to a counselors that a 14 year old was bragging that he had “intercourse” with Woods on several occasions. Woods quit before she could be questioned by the appropriate persons involved in the case. A counselor working at Summit tells Butler News that Woods was “having intercourse with the student, but the student would not talk” Also it was added that “we can not comment on any-kind of possible criminal investigation”

Butler News took the time today to email the State Board of Nursing, national Council of State Boards of Nursing and the – Pennsylvania Department of Health asking why Woods is not subject to immediate licence suspension due to the nature of these charges and her arrest last week.  Butler News will follow up Monday via phone call to find out why her licence has not been suspended since she is charged after stealing Narcotics.

A source at  Saxony House says it is a “blessing” Woods is gone, saying “reports were made about Woods drug use and nothing was ever done due to being short on staff” Several Staff at Saxony Health messaged Butler News today expressing concern over Woods drug use at work and her alcoholism, including sneaking drinks while on the job.

Woods in a statement to Saxonburgh Police blamed her issues and drug use to “problems at home and it helped her to cope.

You can view Woods arrest by clicking the link below. These are her docket sheets. Woods faces 57 counts due to her disgusting ways of stealing elderly peoples medication. 57 charges and she still has her licence (for now)


We can only hope this woman goes to jail, but we can assume she will beg and plea to the Judge that she has a problem and get no jail time.





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