Mother of 4 year old who was raped and killed seen doing heroin and partying. Mackenzie Peters is partying like nothing happened

Mackenzie Peters whom is the mother of Bentley Miller was out partying this week, posting a video on her snap chat entitled “snorting some h” and then went on to post pictures of her high out of her mind on heroin, and drunk. Posting several pictures entitled “wasted”

Peters is on pre trial supervision but she is clearly not being supervised at this point.

Peters is a known drug user, and showed little to no emotion when her four year old child was buried after being raped and murdered by Jordan Lambing.

Here are links to past stories about Peters. Click the link to read more about this waste of society. Warning the pictures are disgusting, and will make any parent want to barf.

Peters when going to court dresses like this…


But here is a picture of Peters partying it up in Pittsburgh last night-Peters is on Pre-trial supervision and NOT allowed to leave Butler County. Yet this worthless human being was stupid enough to post her party to snap chat as she was high out of her mind and wasted.


By clicking the docket sheet link you will see Peters is on Pre-trial and not allowed to drink, hopefully this picture will get her locked up…but I doubt it!

Digging into this, these individuals are known heroin dealers. One named Raheem Robinson is wanted, and he is known to trade drugs for sex with women around Butler County.

This is disgusting and it is time Butler Steps up and demands this woman be arrested for violating her pre-trial supervision. The number for Butler County Probation is 724-284-5259 CALL probation and demand Peters be arrested for violation of her pre-trial supervision. This woman literally does not care that her own son was raped and killed by Jordan Lambing.




  1. I guess she forgot all about her poor little son being raped to death. You’re not getting away with this you selfish fukkin whore . Rot in hell.


  2. This skank disgusts me, like do you really think you’re fucking hot bitch? You’re a junk bag cum dumpster and a worthless human and you think you’re cool hanging out with a bunch of low life’s drugs and your son it’s six feet under the ground a rotting corpse due to your lifestyle!!!!! And you look so proud yourself??????? You make me sick!!!!!


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