Roger Dugan III, 26,arrested after he assaulted his girlfriend and resisted police

Roger Dugan III, 26, was arrested after he struck an officer in connection with a call for a domestic dispute at his home in the 300 block of Howard Street.

Dugan was gone when police got to his home. But moments later, he was spotted at East Walnut and Elm streets.

He is accused of swearing at officers and taking an “aggressive stance” while moving toward Patrolman Kory Fleming. (Swearing at the Police is a protected first amendment right)

Police said Fleming grabbed Dugan’s right arm and told him to stop. The defendant, in turn, placed his hands on the officer and pushed.

“In the process of trying to leg sweep Dugan to the ground,” the arresting officer said “he hit me in the nose with one of his arms.” So basically Dugan was charged after the police officer assaulted him, while assaulting Dugan he fell to the ground collapsing into the police officer.

While being placed in handcuffs, Police said Dugan continued to  resist police.

He was arraigned on a charge of resisting arrest and placed in the Butler County Prison on $3,000 bail.



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    • Never laid a hand on her. There is no proof to back this article up. He had a disagreement with the grandmother of his children. And took a walk to cool down. And it went from there. No where in the article DOES it state that he struck his girlfriend.


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