Butler News presents the “idiot of the week” Serena Brandt

On this peaceful Sunday I present the idiot of the week. Mrs Brant who was assume screams “white trash” and a person I’ve never heard of, seems to be seeking attention tonight. By posting that I “threatened to kill her” here is the idiot of the weeks screen grab.

Here we go again with the white trash that thinks they know everything about me, my life and past. Megan’s law blah blah blah.

Anyways, this is an example of the garbage I have to deal with by white trash.

Mind you, I have never met this person, not has there ever been a police report filed anywhere. I’m all but sure the police everywhere unless they live under a rock realize who I am.

So here is a small example of the white trailer park trash and crap I deal with.

A persons got to have a pathetic life to go online and make up bullshit like this. Grow up lady.

We at Butler News can only assume this is the white trash trophy she has accepted.



  1. Yeah she does brother look at that large trophy she got for participating in some sort of hog tie competition. Obviously she wore a helmet for safety reasons but that didn’t stop her from eating which was the main intent. The only thing that has ever been threatened when she was around was the buffet line or like Hulk had said black snakes.

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