I returned to Butler Pa for Christmas, and I found a junky hall of fame (editorial)

Dear Butler News, I was born and raised in Butler. I sent this editorial to the Butler Eagle as well as my local newspaper. I am not sure if this is an acceptable online submission to your online newspaper website. If unable to post, I do apologize.

I am born and raised in Butler Pa, In fact I went to school with you and we did not always see eye to eye I suppose. I graduated in 1996, graduated from The University Of Miami  in 2001. Came home, left Butler for Alabama in 2010 for career opportunities.

Every holiday season I return home to Butler. My parents still live on E Pearl Street. I returned home this year on Monday afternoon. Last night I decided since main street was always so pretty in the xmas season. I wait til 8pm and decide to take a walk down main street.

Stunned was the words I can use when I seen main street. Main Street is on a deep decline from what it use to be. Some of the pole lights do not work. Trash in the streets, and it seems I also ran into unattended children. Seemed a little odd and out of place on a cold winter night (well cold to me)

As I walked main street really nothing worth wile was open. As I ventured down to the lower lot I was stunned when I seen a Junky memorial. This town has built a junky hall of fame right on main street.

In an already depressing season to say the least, some jag off decided it is a good idea to erect a junky hall of fame right on main street in Butler. I am glad I did not have the kids, why should I have to tell my children that are not exposed to this drug epidemic in my area what this junky hall of fame was about.

I could not help but to feel instantly embarrassed to be a person that has to admit they are from Butler when this is celebrated in the xmas season right on main street in town.

So Kudos to you Butler Pa, you have gone and erected a junky hall of fame right on main street during the Christmas season.

The priorities in this little town are garbage. I am wondering when the memorial for violent criminals will be coming to main street? Is that on tap this January? Lets not forget about the violent criminals, those are the real heroes right?




  1. I think it’s horrible that you had to come back to Butler and this is what you had to see. As a Butler resident, (as I am ashamed to admit that now) I cannot believe that anyone would ever create a “Memorial” for these so called “Heros”. I think it’s disgusting and highly insulting to “Honor” these people.

    Countless people die every because of house fires, and car accidents, or even from domestic violence – all of which are more horrible and more devastating and yes, more important than the deaths of these junkies who chose this lives and their deaths. I believe that the Cemetery is the only place where the addicts should ever be remembered. If anyone cares to remember them.

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  2. You heartless fool. Everyone of these deaths are connected to a family, whether they be brother, sister, mother, father or aunt or uncle!!! They all lost, the community lost!!! It is out of deep concern for these loses and it’s affect on the community that people remember, even during Christmas, what this plague is doing to the community.
    Are you so heartless to not understand why people made this memorial to the lost? Shame on your ignorance!!! And, you probably think you’re a Christian too?


    • If we were really concerned about these people, we would call out and go after the real pushers – the medical community that hooks these victims and profits from their misery.


  3. I as of a few days ago was quite proud to drive down main and see what a wonderful effort has been made over time to honor are military. The monuments, the banners of military individuals adorning the light pole and the wall of names of those from Butler who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It has appeared as well that some progress is being made with the new businesses, eateries and breweries. Slowly but positively coming back to life.
    But for whatever reason someone and I’m assuming the city (it would be great to know who) has given permission for the development of a grave yard to memorialize those individuals who sap the hell out of our system. As well the monies for the sticks and wreaths and ribbons was generated from where? Would it not have been better spent buying more heroin for these clowns with the hopes of clearing the deck if even by one more!
    Getting back to my point……My sons name is on display in the front yard of the courthouse. He is presently spending another holiday season away from his family. Away from his country. Doing his 8th deployment in 18 years serving in a war zone ( yes we are still at war) helping to ensure our freedoms and ways of life. Which includes being law abiding, being a giver and paying the goodness of this nation forward. And this ignorant city allows these morons a space. A name. Are you kidding me. They have given the local terrorist a forum to tout.
    I will tell you I personally took the time to walk through the grave yard yesterday morning. And as difficult as it was to muster up that much spit, I took the time to spit on each and every stupid wreath. And I promised myself that I will not visit the businesses downtown until the business district gets on board and makes some noise.
    What do the cute little signs say on the businesses doors and windows….Not in my front yard or something of that nature?

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    • I am 100% in agreement with you. If the butler police would like to have something to do tonight. I will personally be leaving a little pile of human feces next to each “spit” covered wreath. This pile of shit will be in rememberance if every dirt bag butler piece of shit that has overdosed. All these wreaths do is remind me of how much better Butler gets with every scummy junky memorialized by this ridiculous memorial.


  4. I don’t believe the comment was heartless, a memorial for drug addicts? maybe should put one up right next to it for the dealers……I have never done a drug, or was indroduced, etc….and never will, I have better things to do with my life, as per overdosing, you have a choice, nobody force these people to inject or put it up their nose…..nobody but them, it’s sad, that Butler is the Heroin capital, supposedly, a memorial shouldn’t be for this…….

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  5. Unfortunately, each of these crosses represents 100 (or more) broken hearts. Each addiction affects at least that many family members and friends. It is not a memorial for drug addicts. It is to let other drug addicts know that death can and will find them if they don’t get clean.


  6. Here we go. Sue says ” its NOT a memorial for drug addicts” But the sign reads MEMORIAL! And OVERDOSE. Which I assumed implied DRUG ADDICT. Then goes on to say its to let other addicts know death can and will find them.
    The only thing she has implied that makes a lick of sense is that an addict is too fuckin stupid to realize that without a pile of trash on my city’s main street they are too incoherent to know it can kill them.
    GO SUE

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  7. I’m embarrassed to come from this town when I see how little our school system actually teaches, judging by your grammar and sentence structure. Mostly though, I am embarrassed to come from a town so rich in suffering bc of addiction, yet so obviously unempathetic to the disease. This memorial was meant not only to speak to the many families whose holidays are darkened by this epidemic, but also to spark conversation in a population that is not effectively combating an enormous and growing problem.


  8. You are a complete idiot. The drug war us a staged corse of events in witch loopholes are created to politically twist the reality we live in.
    The Memorial is trying to drive that point home.
    There’s no reason people that want to be cops in prison guards can’t be counselors and medical assistance when it comes to your ignorenc addiction drug addiction is mental health issues not criminal issues . People with sick and twisted agendas that only wanted to create money by exerting authoritarian principles. This is an ex facto law and against the United States Constitution drugs were legal once by passing legislation could cater to special interest groups private corporations and privately chosen faith-based organizations. They succeeded in isolating in genociding a minority culture? That’s why the memorials up because not a Hall of Fame. The day will come when we will put the people that put these laws into action in a hall of Shame that’s for sure. The American people are single-handedly you responsible working people that think that you’re doing the right thing don’t realize you’re killing people in Mexico that blood is on your hands because of the way you govern and the way you bully people certain amount of people are going to be addicted no matter what we can look at foreign countries and see how successful they are by decriminalizing drugs in know we should have did it yesterday.
    It’s because of propaganda from people like you that should get a ignorance ticket or be charged with criminal ignorant. Most of you were too busy mainlining Jesus Steven real life what country you live in and what laws you follow you still think that it should be a religious state that tards everyone out. Including the lowly drug dealer were supposed to question authority most organizations Corporation special interest groups the man loyalty that’s no question to attorny. So where do you get off telling minority people that have rights equitably and equal to yours. Heather supposed to have health safety and Welfare taken care of by the state?? How do you guys justify not providing those Central fundamental principles two individuals just so you can be a vacuum for the federal funding going into your state this is gone off for three or four generations some places longer wake the fuck up you moron idiot. We have the opportunity to tax and regulate druges . It would immediately put the drug cartels out of business and all the criminal activity on the street I do believe you need to be inclusive with the plan and legitimize people that have knowledge of a jobs with a process that eventually get you off of drugs! By taking the glamour out of it in normalizing it and treating each other with dignity and respect that’s how you get rid of the drug problem and it’s not just drugs people are addicted to their religion and it causes just as much damage everybody has to realize that we all live here together we have rules follow first and foremost then you get the choice to do a drug war worship religion that is private stuff that’s stuff people do on the side people need to participate more in the system that they live in or they shouldn’t even open their mouth.
    I’m sick of lazy people that believe that they don’t have to worry about the present moment or the common reality and then bitch about it. Wake up Phoenix is a choice today remember that when you ignorantly spit out stories like this!!!


  9. Ok. Now that I am being publicly slandered, I have a few things to say…

    Nobody here knows me, or my story and what I have been through. Just as I don’t know anyone else’s story unless they choose to share it here. So before you start with ignorant name calling, let me share a few things about me.

    I used to be one of these addicts. I used to party it up every chance I had. So I have been there and I have done it all. I’m not proud of this but then again I’m not ashamed. It was just the life I was living at the time. Btw, that was 15 years ago. I see no need to tell all the gory details – Besides every user’s story usually sounds the same. Only the names change.

    Regardless, this was my life for long enough. I was homeless. I slept in houses of people I didn’t know. I had a lot of bad things happen to me. But I put myself in those situations. I didn’t care about myself. And I didn’t care about my life. I never expect to live this long. And I didn’t deserve to because of the life I was living.

    And I lost a lot. But the jobs and material things don’t matter. It was my family and my loved one’s that died too soon that mattered to me. But even then, I know that they couldn’t have been saved. Because they didn’t want to be saved. Of course, I grieved the loss of those I loved but I also expected to be joining them soon.

    Then, after living on the edge for so long, I met someone. Someone who was sharing the same lifestyle as me. But we had such an immediate connection that we both realized that we now had something and someone to live for.

    We saved each other’s lives. We both got clean and we have never looked back. And we have been happily married for 8 years now.

    So, do not assume that I am so ignorant that I do not know what I am talking about.

    Now that I have shared this with everyone, I have a few more things to say.

    Anyone who says that addiction is a disease is just using that as a cop-out. Addiction of any kind is 100% PREVENTABLE!!

    It is a personal Choice to take that first drink, or take a hit off the pipe or put any drug into your body. But even if you do go down that road, that is a personal choice. And it’s also a choice to keep using. So, for those addicts who keep using even after their love one’s support them and enable them and finally beg for the to accept the help that is always out there, they made their choice. And they hide behind their addiction so they don’t have to face everything that they have turned into.

    I made my choices. Bad and good. Because we all have free will. We all make our choices and we carve out are own paths that we choose to take. So even if we choose to take the wrong path, that doesn’t mean that we cannot change the path we’re on.

    But even if I had never changed my ways and I had overdosed and died… I would Never want to be “memorialized” for the choices I made that put me there.


    • I too, am a recovering addict with many years clean. Your exactly right, addiction is a choice and too many hide behind the “disease” bullshit. I weny from being a homeless crackhead, to cleaning up, moving away and straightening my life out. I Am now a father with a 6 figure career. They are Personal choices i made, am embarrased about, but after years of hard work and dedication, i managed to move on from it. No need for a memorial, its disgusting that i lived that life.

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  10. Forgive my wording. Slander was not what I meant. I just felt I was being called out so I reacted.

    I am listed as 400scars. I was the first to comment on this editorial. At the time I simply forgot to put my real name down. I apologize for error. And should you not want to post this, that’s your call. I was just trying to speak from both sides.

    I do apologize for any offense or any hard feelings.

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  11. I have seen on the “Overdose Memorial” Facebook page that they will be holding a candlelight vigil on Dec 28th at 6:00 pm. Does anybody want to meet there and have a “friendly” but loud protest during the vigil?

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