Judge Thomas Doerr removed from family court, Judge McCune to switch positions

Judge Timothy McCune, who currently handles criminal cases in the county court, and Judge Thomas Doerr, who currently handles family and juvenile cases, will be switching caseloads effective Jan. 2, according to Deputy Court Administrator Thomas Holman.

McCune will be in charge of the family and juvenile side of the court system, while Doerr will join Judge William Shaffer in overseeing criminal cases in the county court system.

Holman said this is a decision that was made between the judges sometime last week, and staff was informed on Monday.

McCune will retain his responsibility over the county’s Veterans Court, a specialty court for veterans within the criminal side of the system, and Doerr will be taking over responsibility for the Behavioral Health Court, deals with defendants who have mental health issues and had previously been overseen by McCune.

Doerr has been a judge in county court since 1992 and was named president judge in August 2000. McCune previously served as the District Attorney for the county, before being confirmed to the bench in 2006.

We here at Butler News expect Judge McCune to confuse the new position and sentence people to 12-24 months in state Prison for violation of child custody orders thinking it is some sort of parole violation.

The one thing that creates a certain conflict for hundreds of parties. The supreme court has ruled a former D/A that prosecuted a case can not head a civil case or appeal.

To say the least, I will say, shit just got a lot better for this guy with this switch.

The real rumor has it that Doerr was getting so many removal requests and Judicial conduct complaints, that he had to be moved out of family court. Doerr is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit by a probation officer.

Doerr has become pathetic and should step down. Just a few weeks ago I had Doerr removed from my cases. And when I was having him removed the stupid shit went onto say on record that he had “no idea” I ran Butler News. Yet Doerr went on to order a gag order against Butler News. When I pointed this out that I have the transcripts and he does not have to play stupid, he removed himself to save further embarrassment in the court.

Lokk for this story about Doerr to come soon. I will show everyone how pathetic this guy is, almost as bad as Streib.

MY real question?? Who could resist this man??


Not only is this Judge a sexy beast, he is pretty open to he gives jobs to, as long as you are willing to “work” extra hours for your job.




  1. I’ve known Tom Doerr for 60 years. He is an honorable man and he did a terrific job as judge. I don’t know what did or didn’t go on in his private life but nothing should detract from his years of honorable service.


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