Kasey Dischman, 30, of Butler, who overdosed while pregnant, almost killing her child was released today

Kasey Dischman, 30, of Butler, charged with endangering not only her unborn child after allegedly overdosing while seven months pregnant, but also her 8-year-old daughter, was released onto house arrest in Butler County Court on Tuesday.

Dischman is also planning on suing the county, as well as the Butler County Prison, Warden Joe Demore and Butler County employee Justin Baptiste, however, no civil complaint was available detailing the underlying allegations, and her attorney in that civil matter, J. Lansing Hills, did not return a call for comment.

Judge Marilyn Horan has been assigned to the case, and available documentation states that Dischman is seeking a civil action with damages less than $35,000.




  1. What could she possibly be suing for? She doesn’t deserve anything but a butler to her frickin head. She almost killed her child. If she’s wants to take her own life then fine, don’t take the life of a child. She deserves the death penalty.


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