Mackenzie Peters (Mother of Bentley Miller) gets off again,Pre-trial conditions not violated

Mackenzie Peters according to multiple sources (girls at probation with her) reported to probation this Tuesday after reports came out of her partying with drug dealers in Pittsburgh.  A source tells Butler News the following.

“Makenzie peters probation officer did not do anything yesterday when she went into see him, he let her go and told her not to be seen hanging out with raheem Robinson and her car has be spotted at his house since then and they were just at Walmart together yesterday right after she checked in with chad why is she getting away with everything she’s doing? She must be a snitch”

Butler News is unaware if Peters was urine tested or not. This we can not confirm.

Peters has been seen as of late at a “trap house” on Mercer Street”

Peters is quickly becoming the Casey Anthony of Butler County.

Peters son Bentley Miller (4) was raped and killed by Jordan Lambing, Peters was charged with child endangerment and let free on Pre-trial supervision.

After the death of her four year old Peters was seen partying and acting like nothing happened, even at the funeral she tool several pictures of herself “having fun” It has become disturbing to say the least.

Peters Father Dave, who is friends with the District attorney went online to attack Butler News saying not everything posted is real about his daughter, well the pictures of her partying is sure as real as it gets.

Friends that were close to Peters says Peters did not seem all that disturbed after the murder occured, in fact, in the Bentley Miller case CYS was involved due to previous abuse of the four year old.

If you do not know who Peters is here are some past articles. As you can see, she has made it to this website a lot in the past year. Click the link to read more.

And there are many more stories about this woman on here. I think saying the least Butler residents do not know all of the details of this case, I would guess that is a very good thing. But the way she acts, and the fact that she is still on the streets acting like nothing happened baffles the majority of residents in Butler.

Peters is working to a plea of  Probation in the Courthouse at the moment. Chances are Peters will serve no jail time for the charges she is facing.





  1. A real POS !! So glad her family is proud of her! NOT! That entire family should rot in hell !! They are all responsible for that poor child’s death!


    • Butler probation does not give a shit about what half them people do I knew someone who was on probation for child abuse and was doing heroine everyday and the probation officer didn’t give a shit


  2. She’s my cousin. Which if I live in SC and if I ever see that dead beat ass cunt. I’ll show her just how it feels to be done the way her son was.. I am not proud of that sorry ass count and wish like hell I didn’t have to say she is my cousin. And know my ant as never did no harm to me or her daughter. I do say it’s fuck up that she is standing beside her daughter through this. Bc if it was my kid I would toss her ass in the gutters where she belongs to rot with the Renton ass sewage that she is.. Bentley was loved and such a handsome little man him and my son have the same name it’s a damn shame that she was blessed with such an amazing boy for him to be done the way he was is just unheard of Unthinkable and plain out despicable to me


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