School district denies overdose and said “drugs just made a child sick last week”

Dr. Brian Slamecka confirms there was an “incident” last week with a student taking drugs on a school bus.  Dr. Brian Slamecka than takes a shot at Butler News when we posted it was an overdose-even after the posts from Students at the school were seen close to a hundred thousand times online after close to a hundred students were texting, and posting to social media about the incident.

Dr. Brian Slamecka said the incident occurred while the bus was on its way to the school, when an intermediate school male student between the grades of 7 and 9 “took a substance he shouldn’t have and got sick.”

Slamecka said the incident was not an overdose, as reported elsewhere, however, said the incident is under investigation by the Butler Township Police Department.

Butler Township Police have requested the video off of the school of the student taking drugs on the bus.

A student on the bus when the incident happened went as far as to send video to Butler News, due to the student being a minor I have decided it would not be appropriate airing the video. The video shows a HIGHLY intoxicated child around 14 years old, I would say nodding out and not making a lot of sense. You can see the child is clearly intoxicated.

Students tell Butler News that this was not the only person doing the drugs on the bus that day, two students went on to tell Butler News that they were told “you will be suspended if you post videos or pictures of the incident to social media”

The child was not narcaned, but here are the signs of an overdose. An overdose does not always require narcan.

General symptoms of a drug overdose may include:

abdominal cramps
loss of balance
seizures (fitting)
breathing difficulties/not breathing
internal bleeding
visual disturbances
snoring deeply
turning blue

To say the least without saying to much, this child taking the drugs on the bus meets the requirements of an overdose. And then for the school to go and and say the student was just sick and not alert parents of the issue-I would be lead to believe that when a child is vomiting all over the place and very inebriated this is an overdose. If this child was 18 I would air the video sent to Butler News.

I would hope this is a wake up call for the kid that took these drugs. Much to young to do something this stupid.

Police would not comment when the Butler Eagle called them.

we are butler



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