20 People gather for a candlelight vigil at the overdose hall of fame in town

The non-denominational service began at 6 p.m. and was open to the public.  The memorial will continue to be located on the site of the former Worsley’s building, at the intersection of Main and North streets, through the end of the year. The memorial includes a cross constructed for each of the 88 Butler County residents lost this year due to drug overdoses. Each cross is adorned with a wreath and a purple ribbon signifying overdose awareness.

The memorial started at 84 dead, within the last week the number has raised to 88, this morning the number raised to 89.

Butler county residents and businesses do not want this memorial on main street. With an already struggling main street many people refused to shop on main street this holiday season due to the memorial.

Residents have done some pretty insane things I sure would not approve of to those memorials.

County Commissioner Kevin Boozel. said a few words and the Rev. John Pistorius of St. John Reformed Church in Chicora led a prayer and struck a triangle 88 times in recognition of each person lost.

The vigil lasted for about 30 minutes.

Boozel said it will be the combined efforts of everyone in the community to work toward reversing the trend of people being lost to drug addiction.

Many people have made some insane comments on this page about this hot garbage, and I agree this is all hot garbage. But this is what has happened to Butler, low morals and drug addicts are “inspiring” this is why half of the homeowners are moving out of the city of Butler in droves, and a lot of people want out of the city Butler can not sell their houses because property values are falling.

This garbage will come down on Friday morning.



  1. I think its a very nice gesture for those who have lost their lives to addiction. If people don’t like it, then it’s plain and simple, don’t look at it and find something else more “important” to cry about! May God be with all these people that lost their lives to addiction and their families!!!! (THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION BTW)


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