Buffalo Township Police cowardly try to buy time in a right to know submitted by Butler News

Here is an ongoing story, in regards to the elderly raid in Buffalo Township a month or so back. Click the links below to read about what prompted me to file the right to know requests that were promptly sent to their lawyers.




Here is what Buffalo Township is trying to hide.

Butler News requests all certification from Buffalo Township Police officers that accredit two officers as “drug experts”

Butler News has sent a right to know request to the Buffalo Township Police department. Butler News seeks all expert accreditation for the following officers.1) JEFFERY SNEDDEEN


Butler News seeks all accreditation of the officers provided above that makes them “marijuana experts” as stated during a mistaken raid at the home of Audrey and Edward Cramer.

Both officers stated during this raid that they were “experts” in the field. This MUST mean both of these officers are highly accredited in this field, having multiple degrees and certifications. Butler News now requests all of these documents. I would feasibly think that if these officers do not have any certifications stating they are experts then it is reasonable to think they were “lying out their teeth”

If you are a user of Butler News and are not familiar with this story please click the links below.



Butler News at this point has been ignored, and this is something I have no problem taking to court on appeal as I have an expert in right to know law that cooperates with this website.

Butler News will post all follow up and the reply here. We are the only news organization that is digging into this raid of an elderly residents home. Including leaving a 66 year old woman handcuffed in a police car for over four hours after the Buffalo Township Police realized they raided a home with no drugs.

As you can see above by clicking the link a lawsuit has been filed in accordance with this case. It is time us taxpayers stand up to these glorified traffic cops that are going to cost us taxpayers thousands due to this lawsuit filed above.

WHY has the chief NOT stepped up or taken any kind of disciplinary actions against the officers that terrorized two elderly residents! Click the link, read the lawsuit and paperwork filed in this case.

In Buffalo Township this sets a clear bar that if you have a flower in your yard it is enough probable cause to raid your home. When speaking with my State Trooper contributor multiple wrongs were pointed out, our expert says this raid should have “never happened this way”-nor should a warrant have ever been signed off on.

Here is a copy of the paperwork that was filed on 12/6/2017 and ignored up until this point. Anything that comes from this will be uploaded on Butler News. We here are salivating to see these officers “expertise” in this matter.

Justin Castilyn


After the right to know was filed I got the following paperwork returned, Butler News has a lawyer that is going to help pro bono if the buffalo Township Police try to deny this, lets say the lawyer has a vested interest in the case.

It is a sad day, as Buffalo Township is trying to cover this case up at all costs. They know they are in the wrong, and when this comes to settlement time it will cost John Q Taxpayer monies as the Police are never directly held responsible for their actions.Maybe we have reached a point as to where the officer should have to carry his own insurance or pay out of his own pocket for this kind of stupidity.

Butler News will keep the public aware of this case as this plays out in court and on this right to know request.

Justin Castilyn




  1. I suppose you know well enough Mr Butler News what going up against Corruption in our Legal System is all about.
    Butler Police have their own organized crime system going strong as well, since I and others have experienced it up close and personal. Mercer County as well, once again by experience. I accuse The Various Offices of Public Defenders to be Anally inserted as Stooges for their various Court Districts. By your own neverending lists of new criminals being classified daily, time for The General Public to Balls Up and take back their communities from The Real Criminals that are our Legal System.

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