Police officer named “Officer Baker” posts a picture about car sleeping in 2017, and it goes viral

Officer Bakers Facebook page can be found by clicking the picture below.

The comments on the post were hilarious, here are some of the most interesting comments.

“I had some officers knock on my window one night i was napping in parking lot. His partner came to passenger side. I rolled both windows down. He say “what’s in the baggie there?” I said CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES BOYYYYYYYY. They both started laughing”

“Tip…. you can sleep in your car if parked legally and the keys ARE NOT in the ignition if you have been drinking. Still, the cops may knock on your window.”

William Skipper It’s amazing how bad people judge drug addiction shows the ignorance and the world we live in no understanding no compassion for human life don’t be so quick to judge if you never walked down that road be happy you didn’t it’s a living hell its a every day battle”



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