Top 5 Stories this year on Butler News dominated by Jordan Lambing and Mackenzie Peters

2017 was one hell of a year for Butler County, the town has changed this year, lots of changes, and I do not think a person can say the County is changing for the better at this point.

Here are the top 5 stories on Butler News, and the numbers, links and history of these stories. If you are interested in reading a story from the past, just click the link.

#5 “More pictures of the horrendous accident on 422”

I have included two pictures, this was a horrendous accident, click the link above to read more. This story was viewed 39741 times.

#4    “Keith Jordan Lambing charged with Murder and Rape in four year olds death. Some details inside.”

The story below was viewed 237,997 times

Perhaps the most repulsive thing I have ever had the displeasure to write, Jordan Lambing is still sitting in jail for the rape and Murder of four year old Bentley Miller. Butler News ended up breaking the story and trending, as well as my admin at the time happened to be at her daughters house, next thing she knew the neighbors house was surround and they found Lambing. Click the link above to read more. Here are a few pictures from that article.

I believe WTAE Pittsburgh owns the photo credit


#3   Details of a 4-year olds funeral that are extremely disturbing by a family member that was there.

Click the link below, this story was viewed 333,922 times thus far

How did this happen? A four year old was raped and killed, and at the funeral the parents chose to get high and party like nothing ever happened, including dressing up like this was a wedding and not a funeral, and they had an after party. Butler News was emailed disturbing pictures of the incident, and over 1000 people commented on the post.

#2 Jordan Lambing “Only suspect” in the murder of a 4 year old police say. More details.

A story that rocked the internet and shocked me to say the least, this story garnered 582,693 views. Click the link below the read the story.

Same repulsive story, this was posted right after the incident, and to say the least Butler News lead the way when it came to covering this story, and we are still leading the way covering the story. Most media has stopped covering Peters at all, and Lambing is just sitting in the RHU at the county Jail. Lambing still sits in the Butler County Prison and is still facing the death penalty, there has been no movement in the case.

Number #1  MACKENZIE PETERS, mother of Bentley Miller showed no emotion when told her child died.

I was shocked when I was sent this information, and by the view count of 1,364,271 views, this was the leading story of Butler News this year.. Click the link below to read more

This story was shocking, and here is an exert.

“In what is becoming a clear, sick and twisted story, Mackenzie Peters has showed little to know emotion after she was told her child was killed. When she was inside of Butler hospital on the day Bentley was killed, she asked staff how long she had to “hang around for”

It is also being told that Peters was still in communication with Lambing after the child was killed.

Lambing deactivated his Facebook, he then used a family member to communicate. Kinda a “safe buffer” for Lambing.

Peters has told multiple people in what can only be construed as sick and twisted, that she “felt life would be better without Bentley, this way her and Jordan could have one child”

There are so many sick, and disgusting facts coming out in this case.

Peters was living at the Super 8 motel as she has easy access to drugs. Benzo Kenzo is her alias. Peters was said to be on the hunt for drugs after she was released from police questioning.

Police will not say if Peters is a suspect in the killing of Bentley Miller, but it has been confirmed that Peters was under CYS investigation for close to one year. Cys was investigating the  couple for abuse. No comment from CYS or Charlie Johns at this point”

Peters is still out on the streets, Peters is still doing drugs, Peters case has been continued multiple times. There have been multiple links to her being out and being drunk and doing drugs the past few weeks. Probation and parole along with the district attorney do not seem to give a shit what Peters does.

So there you have it for the top 5 stories this year. Butler News had a hell of a year when it comes to views and hits, Butler News had over a million unique views this year, and close to nine million views, but most of the views came from the Peters case. I think the general public is absolutely outraged in this case. I can understand that frustration.

Here is a little bonus of stories that came close to making the top 5.

6) MACKENZIE PETERS says she needs “grief counseling” with the funds.

7) Brittany Lambing brother of Jordan Lambing making threats online.

8) Mackenzie Peters to face some charges in the death of four year old Bentley Miller.

9)Samantha “Roxy” Decker, 31 of Knox located.

This story got so many views why? Well the husband reported the wife missing, but it turned out that the wife was just a whore and went home with a couple guys so they could split roast her, when they got bored with her, she went home. I have no idea the update to this woman. I would assume if the guy had any self worth he would have divorced her by now.

So here ya go everyone, thanks for the ride in 2017. I can only hope that 2018 is better. 2017 was a learning curve and we thank everyone for hanging in there with us. 2017 Was a year of change, we also take donations via paypal by clicking the link below, the donations help the page keep going and Butler News appreciates it.

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Here is to 2018. THANK YOU for the support in 2017 everyone.


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