Ben Smith just sworn in, Butler officially has a new mayor

New Butler City Mayor Ben Smith will be sworn in at 10 a.m. at the Butler City Building. He will be joined in taking the oath of office by new Butler City Council member Jeff Smith and returning Council Member Ken Bonus.

This evening at 6:30 p.m., Butler Township will swear in new Commissioner Fred Vero as well as returning Commissioner Sam Zurzolo. Additional oaths of office will be administered to fire department officials. Butler Township will also hold their reorganization meeting to determine board officers and department assignments.




  1. JUST IN and wants to raise taxes for new light poles. BEN and city gov. can go stand on the sidewalk with a candle and stop wasting money like all the rest of the idiots before you.

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  2. BEN has a business degree in being stupid. RAISING taxes for new light poles is reckless spending just like all the rest of gov. likes to do. DO NOT look like we are ever going to get city gov. willing to do the job right.


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