Joanne Ralcewicz, 57,goes hard, stabs her own son

Joanne Ralcewicz, 57, is accused of stabbing her son in the leg with a steak knife during a domestic squabble at their home on West Penn Street. But she was not done going hard yet, for not reason at all when the police got there she threw a pop can off of the face of a police officer with no warning.

Police  said the victim, Timothy Lang,35, holding the back of his right leg.

Lang, who police said was very drunk, told police that he was stabbed by his mother during an altercation in the kitchen.

He recounted that he and Ralcewicz had been drinking and making dinner when he accidentally bumped into her, causing her to fall to the floor.

Ralcewicz was holding a steak knife when she fell.

Moments later, Lang felt something hit his leg. Lang said when he reached down, he felt a knife.

“(Ralcewicz) then pulled the knife out of his leg,” cutting his right hand in the process.

Ralcewicz was arraigned on felony assault and other charges and later released on $10,000 unsecured bail.



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