Derek Harnish, 26, and Kayla Lutz, 25, charged after going on a date to shoplift at walmart

Derek Harnish, 26, and Kayla Lutz, 25, were charged in connection with a shoplifting incident Nov. 18 at the Walmart at Butler Commons. The defendants are accused of trying to steal $183.34 in merchandise.

Harnish and Lutz are both charged with retail theft and conspiracy.




    • y’all talk shit but fail to revel your real names I bet that dude with the backwards hat would beat the fuck outta Dr love then fuck his old lady in front of him hahaha


      • I highly doubt that youngster. I was in military longer that you’ve been alive. Ive been in the butler eagle many times over my career for things I did in military, Im a retired anti-terrorism guy,, a real one. and I never saw your name among the worlds bad asses we felt with. go back to your X box!

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  1. Idk..I think hes cute!Check out her eyebrows they are light.Shes a true blonde just a little bleached out by the sun.Theres 2 sides of a story dude!Dont go hatin!


    • They are both addicts he is always in trouble they use the system. She is lazy and won t get a job and laughs about her job is to get free money from state.


      • Oh really??you know that for a fact??Those are my kids!!Stop putting them down for your amusement.Its called bullying..


      • Guess who it is??? When you comment I get your IP and guess who.. this girls got a fuck ton of time on her hands. And it’s not bullying. You’re trash and got arrested


  2. It was a freaking Christmas tree how do u miss a Xmas tree or forget to pay for a Xmas tree. Give me a break the child was crying so that’s a good reason to “forget” to pay for a Xmas tree!!!! Maybe if they would stop smoking pot and she would get a job and not lie about where she lives so she can get more assistance she would be more responsible! And if a child was that upset why would he leave her and if the child is that upset I know I shouldn’t go I wouldn’t go through a self-checkout I would have had somebody else check me out and then I could have come sold my child but no they did it and they need to pay for it they have excuses for everything


  3. Unless you in that situation dont judge.They admit it happened!They will pay for it!But calling them all those names is not right!!


  4. also tried calling Wal-Mart for a report why don’t everyone else oh here try it if y’all believe this child molester? none of this is true they didn’t stuff anything inside the box or run for the door he made this shit up. it was an accident and if any of you truly know them besides george witch I know who you truly are because your the only one who knows where they live then you know the truth for anyone else saying you fucked Kayla or asking for a bj is just childish and immature.


  5. I’m not the same girl commenting this time. I can see why some are so Harsh with these two. They made a mistake and will pay for it and move on. Unlike All You Bottom FEEDERS from Buttown .most of the Lude comments are coming from Men. And I bet their just sitting and waiting like the Bottom FEEDERS they are to Suck off someone else . That’s The only way they probably get Off !!!! It will all be over here in a few. Someone new will come along for these Bottom FEEDERS to Suck off or Suck on . You all should just get together and Suck each other off. You would probably get more Satisfaction that way.


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