Mark Holmes Jr,32, ended up on the wrong end of a Police Tazer Monday

Mark Holmes Jr, 32, ends up arrested after his live in girlfriend calls police on him for sending her threatening texts messages while he lays on the couch drunk.

Officers said they found Holmes seated on the couch. They also found his live-in girlfriend, Emerald Adamik, who told them Holmes had been sending her threatening text messages and voicemails. Police stated that Holmes appeared to be intoxicated inside of his own home.

Officers stated while they were there Holmes became “extremely irate and began yelling at Adamik about their relationship issues.

Police decided to arrested Holmes for public intoxication inside of his own house.

But when they tried to put him in handcuffs, court documents said, he pulled away and grabbed one of the officers by the chest.

Patrolman Myles Bizub physically confronted Holmes and got him to let go of the officer, police said. But he continued to resist and pull away from police, who used Taser to subdue Holmes.

Holmes was arraigned on charges of resisting arrest and public drunkenness, and later released on $10,000 unsecured bail.




  1. After reading this, I thought how the heck can someone INSIDE their house be arrested for public intoxication? This is simply insane. So, now we can get arrested in our house for PUBLIC intoxication? Wtf is next that they will get away with? Can they even do that, I wonder if not perhaps a lawsuit would be in order. Oh wait, it’s Butler, it doesn’t even matter they can do what they want. I was shocked by this & think people are sometimes treated like dirt in this town & not everyone deserves to be. I can understand being in trouble for an incident like this, threats maybe, but he wasn’t intoxicated in public. Waiting to hear what others think of this crazy ass story.

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  2. Was this city or township cops? I hope Holmes gets himself a good lawyer. Public intox is a crap charge no matter when it’s used because the police don’t have to prove anything. There is no requirement to do any test to prove intoxication, all it takes is the cop’s opinion, so it’s just a way to get citizens off the streets that happen to annoy the cop. And now they are using it against people in their own homes? Sounds like charges of false imprisonment and harassment, to start with, can be filed against the cops.


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