Neighborhood watch says they are going to “take back Butler”

Here is an exert of what the watch wrote on Facebook, if you are a City resident and would like to attend the information is below.

“for those who want to help in the fight against this epidemic, please attend the “Take Back Butler” Neighborhood Drug Watch launch meeting 7-8pm January 31 At the Public Safety Building, 110 N. Washington Street and learn what specifically can be done and how you can help!”


You also can learn more about the watch by clicking on the Official Butler City Website.

Neighborhood Drug Watch can add their group to the larger umbrella — website and Facebook page. here’s a screenshot of the event details as outlined in the above post—but also on their facebook page and website.





  1. What good is this when druggies keep getting a slap on the wrist or do plea bargains or get released from jail and keep doing same shit over and over!!! Stop the narcan it isn’t helping because they just keep Over dosing over and over!!! Hell even people who help murderers get released from jail early!!!


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