Butler Pennsylvania

Derek Harnish, 26, and Kayla Lutz, 25, brag to Butler News how they ripped off Walmart sending pics of “stacks” of money

In what can only be said to be the greatest “white trash” story of 2018 thus far, Derek Harnish, 26, and Kayla Lutz, 25, brag to Butler News how they ripped off Walmart sending pics of “stacks” of money.

This story right here (click the link to see the story from yesterday)


Brought out the finest white trash avaliable in Butler in the comment section of the Facebook and website, Lutz on what we can assume was a drugged out binge commented 337 times on the post before Facebook marked her comments as spam. And I ended up banning her and her white trash man.

Harnish decided to be super hard and said he would fight me right now for $200.00 So I said feel free to send a picture of the money, he then sent this to me.


I got bored as I did not have a lot going on, so I reversed image searched and found this  to be a google image.

Harnish is well known in Butler for his drug dealing and drug use. You can check out his dockets by clicking this link below.


Why these two pieces of white trash felt the need to message this page and brag that they got arrested for ripping Walmart off and brag by sending me pictures of Harnish back inside of Walmart is beyond me.

These trash heaps went on to say on the page that they could not pay for the items as they had a screaming baby in the cart, and they forgot about the items, so I took a shot and called Walmart. Walmart loss prevention told me the following.

“We can not comment on an open case, what can be commented on is that there was a clear intent to conceal items inside of a Christmas tree box, on multiple occasions both parties would proceed to place items into the box holding the tree, in turn each party would try to obstruct the opposing parties actions, these individuals were watched for an excess of 20 minutes concealing items inside of the Butler Commons Walmart store. If you are seeking further information about the incident I would direct you to contact the arresting officer from the Butler Township Police department Mr Dave Tedeski. Incident number is 1705897A”


It has since come out to the page that both parties are unemployed and have been for “some time” and have been using “hard drugs” as of late a source tells Butler News.


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    • you all are a bunch of cunts hiding your real names talking shit y’all talk about these too but you all are worse pices of shits


  1. Everyone of you are childish & obviously have nothing better to do than harass these two people. Derek & Kayla are two of the greatest people I know! Y’all need to get your stories right before talking shit! Everything Justin has said is pretty much a lie! Maybe jealous? Idk but grow up & worry about yourselves!


  2. saw these two assholes in the New Castle Walmart this morning…….made sure the manager knew they were in the store……..anything I hate worse than a liar is a thief

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