Joshua Bowser who lent his car to transport Melissa Bartos dead body, released from jail

Joshua Bowser was released from the county jail pending the resolution of the charges against him.

Bowser, 22, was released onto pretrial supervision with the Butler County Adult Probation Office.

His attorney, argued that Bowser had been held in excess 180 days, and pursuant to Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure Rule 600, which states “except in cases in which the defendant is not entitled to release on bail as provided by law, no defendant shall be held in pretrial incarceration in excess of 180 days from the date on which the complaint is filed,” he is entitled to be released pending the disposition of the case against him.

Assistant District Attorney Terri Schultz said she was not opposed to the release due to the Rule 600 issue, but asked Bowser be placed on pretrial supervision to be monitored pending disposition.

In turn for his release, it was said that Bowser agreed to testify for the state, and Terri Schultz said that he has time served on his case regardless.

Here are some of the past stories to make the page to catch everyone up to speed of who this loser and now snitch is.



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