Joshua Luchkiw, 37, wanted after he assaulted his father

Joshua Luchkiw, 37, is wanted on charges he assaulted and threatened his father, Basil Luchkiw, during a domestic dispute on Christmas Eve, at their home on the 900 block of East Jefferson Street.

The defendant is accused in one case of assaulting and threatening to kill the alleged victim Christmas eve. Luchkiw left the home and his father reported the incident to police. Police then surrounded the home anyways scaring the entire neighborhood.

Luchkiw later returned after the police left and “placed his hand over Basil’s mouth and nose attempting to impede Basil’s breathing.” He also told his father that he would “kill him for calling the police.”

Officers spoke to the elder Luchkiw shortly after midnight Christmas Day at Butler Memorial Hospital, where he appeared following the second incident.

The defendant in the first warrant is charged with simple assault and terroristic threats, both misdemeanors. In the second warrant, he is charged with strangulation and retaliation against a victim or witness, both felonies, and simple assault, terroristic threats and intimidation of a victim or witness, all misdemeanors.



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