Nathaniel Caldwell Jr, 51, gets 9-18 months for multiple heroin sales

Nathaniel Caldwell Jr, 51, was sentenced to nine to 18 months in the Butler County Prison by the New Criminal Judge and Piece of general shit Thomas Doerr.

He was also ordered to serve 12 months of probation following the expiration of his parole and to pay court costs, a $500 fine and $700 in restitution to the Butler County Drug Task Force, as well as complete a drug and alcohol program while at the county jail and continue with any recommended counseling determined by the Butler County Adult Probation Office.

Caldwell pleaded guilty on Dec. 12 to felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Caldwell was charged with felony criminal conspiracy, four counts of felony possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, two counts of felony criminal use of a communication facility, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, following an investigation by the Butler County Drug Task Force after reports that Caldwell was selling heroin in the parking lot of Houlihan’s restaurant on Route 19.

The remaining charges were dismissed as part of the plea.

Caldwell sold 250 stamp bags of heroin to a lower level dealer for the sum of $700.00

Caldwell turned snitch, and in return for being a snitch he was given a reduced plea bargain.

Caldwell said the incident has “uprooted my whole family,” having lost his job at Houlihan’s following his arrest. Because the lose of that go nowhere job must have been horrific huh asshole?

And this is why right here there is a drug problem in Western pa. Give up anyone and it is a free go home pass, does anyone understand how much drugs this was this loser sold? But here I got more time for a garbage charge back in the day, this is a prime example of what is WRONG with the court system.




  1. That is exactly what I was just thinking! Git more time AND more state parole for a DUI. Yes, I’m not mistaken -state parole, for misdemeanor DUI -because the county I was charged in does not have “probation”.

    I literally got 5x that. And yes. He’s peddled more drugs then anyone can imagine, just 69 get caught a single time…


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