Former Mayor Tom Donaldson exposes that the City Building is not able to pass code

Former Mayor Tom Donaldson posted the following on his Facebook page that can be found by clicking this link.

“So I’m sitting with a group of local landlords this evening. We are discussing code enforcement procedures. The City Building came up for discussion. A while back I ordered a complete inspection both outside and inside of the City Building at 140 West North Street in Butler. It was found to have numerous code violations inside and out. To date no city official has been cited and the problems have not been remedied. The landlords are interested in knowing why they can be cited and how the City of Butler can avoid being cited. I even had a building contractor willing to do the repairs for free if the city of Butler provided the materials. Inquiring minds would like to know the answers.”

I wonder why Donaldson was not posing this question when he was the Mayor? He does make some valid points. Something to think about.

Uncle Tommy D



  1. HE knew it would look bad for him running again. TOM does something when it looks best for him. WITH Ben wanting to raise taxes for such a stupid thing as new light poles, I am not so sure he is any better and maybe even worse. TIME will tell us more, but for now, I don’t think he is moving in the right direction with all the dept BUTLER has on its plate.


  2. Ben is for Ben ,main goal make lots of money selling beer..don’t care about no one spend lots of $$ that not his.a fonie got left with unions that are smarter and have back up. Wish him luck seam nice . Nice people not make it, got to tramp on toes it rough out there .only my opinion.


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