Known drug addict Stanley Fair, 43, overdoses behind the wheel of his car, then in a drug fueled rant messages close to 100 people on Butler News

Here is the Police report that his family was denying existed.

“Stanley Fair, 43, of Butler was charged with drugged driving stemming from a crash and overdose last month on Zeigler Avenue.

Police found Fair after answering a call from his ex-girlfriend, who reported that he had showed up at her home on Euclid Avenue. She said he was yelling and “highly intoxicated,”

The defendant left before police got there but officers soon found him passed out in the driver’s seat of a sport utility vehicle, which had veered off the road and hit a “No Parking” sign on Zeigler Avenue.

The SUV was still running and its headlights were on.

Police banged on the windows of the locked vehicle but were unable to awaken the driver. Butler firefighters assisted at the scene in forcing open a passenger side window.

A Butler Ambulance Service crew had to administer the opioid antidote Narcan to revive Fair. Medics later had to sedate him with Valium while he was taken by ambulance to Butler Memorial Hospital.

Police subsequently obtained a search warrant to take blood for toxicology tests. Results showed Fair had opiates, cocaine, cannabinoids and barbiturates in his system.

He is charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, accidents involving damage to unattended property, failing to give information following an accident and disorderly conduct.”

Here is a picture of this loser, and his Facebook can be found by clicking the link below

Being the typical loser in denial this drug addict who might I add has overdosed five times in 2017, went on to message people that use Butler News in rants that were misspelled and made no sense. One can reasonably assume he was on drugs when sending this messages to people on Butler News. Fair is a real gem to the community.

Here is a copy of some of the misspelled texts and messages sent to people last night. Kudos to you loser, you not only endangered the public, but you went on to make an ass out of yourself online in a drug fueled rant.


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  1. Butler,Pa., filled with drug addicts and overdoses day in and day out,-it seems to be nothing but a cesspool now. Glad I left when I did. No loss whatsoever1


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