AAA Wait time grows, AAA even abandoning tows.

Motorists calling the AAA more than 1000 times an hour nationwide. Wait time could be hours, in some areas of the east coast the load is so heavy trucks and resources are days behind with a winter storm on the way today.

 The wait time for AAA to pick you up if the police do not call has an average of five hours of waiting. And if AAA is to busy or can not find a tow. AAA reserves the right to just not send someone out to pick you up.
Many feel that AAA has been a disgrace and on a decline for the last year.
AAA let someone I know sit on the street for seven hours a few weeks ago, after calling AAA over 20 times, this person went on to find her own tow company to tow her car. AAA said they would refund the $225.00 towing costs, in turn promptly cancelling the membership and never returning the $225.00 for the towing costs.

One comment

  1. I have towing on both cars thru my car ins. co. for 6 ever 6 mo. and it does the same job. YOU have to pay the towing up front and the ins. sends me a check.


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